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don't blow it you start
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IRL: Texas A&M, Texarkana, HOU, DFW, AUS, ATL, Birmingham, Hope, Prescott
as Gandhi, Spanky, Namedotcom, indice, Clef, Hal Overninethousand on fb [soup cup]
"billions and billions" -- Carl Sagan, author of Broke-Ass Brain

the shrieking of nothing is killing just pictures of Jap girls in synthesis
ain't got no money and I ain't got no hair i'm hoping to kick
but the planet it's glowing glowing glowing glowing -- Bowie

roomie: here
¡OOO67VH: there
roomie: everywhere!
roomie: i downloaded Fez today :)
roomie: :( I wish I could tell you that life will get better, but you taught me not to lie....
roomie: but I can say that we will get through this somehow, you took someone
who was diagnosed M.R. with a 3rd grade spelling level and turned her into me
[[ roomie's college cap&gown is still hanging on her wall ]]

i love to see people who have survived something, because they tried.

some dude, Oma's son, what's-his-name, somewhere else, loves you.
he guarantees Oma is with you, whether you feel it or not. She's with you, always.
oh, and there is exactly one person on the planet who knows why you're named Charlotte.
one day. it'll be two. nobody else ever asked. you are Surely Loved.
it's a very interesting world. please endure it, and read read read study. it'll be worth it.

It's funny that penguin being there innit? What's it doing there?
I can see that!
If it lays an egg, it will fall down the back of the television set.
We'll have to watch that. Unless it's a male.
Ooh, I never thought of that.
Yes, looks fairly butch.
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Add function: Click the clock to display the world line rate

--- Added custom background image function
--- Added custom clock transparency function
--- Added the clock drag function, you can choose to center (auto lock), or drag to any locat
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~~~ 000 / 10 ~~~ one of the best anti-game games ever

Get this almost-playable, frankenvidia, i-don't-even so that you can finally have something to '-1' about.

They should have sent a poet. Or two. Diagnosed ones. Who both stopped Zoloft and methadone cold-turkey. And given them sharpies and boxcutters. Then told them they were adopted.

So they did.

Swans, in 'music', sounds like Lamb Of God dexing out wuth Bass Nectar and having their way with M83 using rusty farm implements.

Swans helped make Giorno... make WaxTrax look like teeny pop in You-Were-So-Not-Born-Yet. They know what they're doing. Now they make video games.

Look, /b/ was never good. It was NEVER meant to be good. It was meant to exist, for its own sake. Uriel might just end up with Serrano's "P*** Christ," Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring," and Banksy's "Spotless."

Oh, shut up and web.

It is possible you are witnessing something in gaming with the likes of Stanley, Goat, and Uriel. Ph, and anyone remember that Gabe guy selling full-price games but giving you only a code? Steam? WTF?

Oh, heavens, do you not speak Adult yet?

Then bet your girlfriend a Starbucks something if she can "make it to Level 3" or some crap.
Step back and watch Tourette's happen.

See? Shock Value. Conversation Piece.

I laud this game for appearing in a world of One More First-Person Shooter, One More Indie Sidescroller, Taylor Gagaiggy, Kardashianstan, and "+1" as legitimate conversation.

lolwut, ergo sum.

Dead Last On Steam, and you don't own it yet? I bet you still shop at Hot Topic.
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¡OOO67VH Jun 26 @ 10:10am 
sanraphael Jun 26 @ 9:18am 
Nice Avatar !
¡OOO67VH Jun 24 @ 11:50pm 
As far as stagenames go, I think the last James Bond, Daniel Craig, is pretty clever. Daniel and Craig were a British serial killer duo a hundred years past.

For sheer comic effect, there were never better buffoons than Peter O'Toole and Peter Sellers. I mean, really? But thsir ample bodies of work were certainly nothing to shake a stick at.

But the booby prize for all time goes to Christopher Marlowe, whose Shakespeare handle is the penultimate low-self-esteem exercise in mental masturbation, and is another way of saying, "writer."
Just sayin'.
¡OOO67VH Jun 24 @ 11:36pm 
"Scars are the proof that your life was real." -- Jane Austen

"Jane, you ignoant slut." -- Dan Akroyd
¡OOO67VH Jun 23 @ 11:46pm 
My journey has come to an end. I have lost my home, my books, my sons. I've lost my father, my grandmother ... my dear wife, Catherine. And now I fear my only daughter is gone as well. And for what? For the slimmest hope that things could be put right?

What began as my tedious life in the Cleft, holding out hope for more has returned to the same. I have gone to great lengths to watch the end be written.

I have passed my cursed burden on to my cherished daughter. She has either understood and embraced it, or the weight of it has crushed her. I fear it has been far too long. My hope has waned. Is anyone left who can understand?

-- Opening, Myst V
Death's Assassin Jun 23 @ 7:17pm 
Have a fantastic weekend