HAL (over) 9000 !   Arkansas, United States
"I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is
all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do." -- 2001 ASO

the shrieking of nothing is killing just pictures of Jap girls in synthesis
ain't got no money and I ain't got no hair i'm hoping to kick
but the planet it's glowing glowing glowing glowing -- Bowie

A lady walks into a bar in 2014. Ethan Hawke is bartending. He breaks the ice and the fourth wall, and spoils the spoiler, by saying he saw Uma as Venus. This isn't a television.

"Tear on tear, entire" -- Goethe

"Do you really think that love is going to change the world? I sure hope so. I really, really hope so. But I don't think so." -- Cardigans

"The Game never ends, and your whole world depends, on the turn of a friendly card." -- Alan Parsons

"whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger" -- The Joker

"It's never clear ; it's pantomime" -- Ric Ocasek

"how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look" -- Bob Marley

"everyday i write the book" -- Elvis Costello

"Come on in, girls, but leave all hope behind. You've got to work fast, because you've got to get out in ten minutes." -- A Night At The Opera

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Sagan's Broke-Ass Brain. Memorize it if it made you shart

when you've seen one shopping center, you've seen the Maul

English trips get

Ego sum ; possem. (2017)

roomie: here
¡OOO67VH: there
roomie: everywhere!
roomie: i downloaded Fez today :)
roomie: :( I wish I could tell you that life will get better, but you taught me not to lie....
roomie: but I can say that we will get through this somehow, you took someone
who was diagnosed M.R. with a 3rd grade spelling level and turned her into me
[[ roomie's college cap & gown is still hanging on her wall ]]

i love to see people who have survived something, because they tried.

some dude, Oma's son, what's-his-name, somewhere else, loves you.
he guarantees Oma is with you, whether you feel it or not. She's with you, always.
oh, and there is exactly one person on the planet who knows why you're named Charlotte.
one day. it'll be two. nobody else ever asked. you are Surely Loved.
it's a very interesting world. please endure it, and read read read study. it'll be worth it.

Life With Roomie
Roomie: "... ... and there's sh*t at eye level. Not wiped sh*t, actual splat sh*t. This makes Goatse look like My Little Pony. How?"
Hal: "It's Jumpsh*t! (TM) He jumped! Or, worse, bent _really_ far over and had explosive..."
Roomie: "And that's not all : he walked past two working showers and did this in our new shower without plumbing or anything. There was no way to hose it down. And this guy finally went to a perfectly good shower, where it looks like he tried to rinse his jeans off. I think. Looks like it."
Hal (trying a bit not to vomit): "Psychologically speaking, how the hell did you cope?"
Roomie: "Well, you know how Borderline I still can be, so I..."
Hal (ex-BPD, BTW) (interrupting): "I'm so disappointed in you. I just..."
(Hal picks up stuff and quickly walks out)
Roomie: "NOT FUNNY, A**HOLE."

Roomie discovers Mobius
Roomie: "I was so stupid for going into that store..."
Hal: "Well, at least you realized it."
Roomie: "Yeah..."
Hal: "So you were smart."
Roomie: "Oh! Yeah!"
Hal: "But you went into the store."
(Hal sips coffee)
Roomie: " ... "
Roomie: "Wait, um..."
(Hal spits coffee everywhere)

Roomie Discovers The True Value Of Education
"M**********a** c*** f****** s*** a******* !
I need to expand my vocabulary so I can yell more things at you."

Hal Survives
(Roomie walks by Hal)
(Roomie stops) (sounds ensue)
Hal: "I'm not in your way, am I?"
Roomie: "No, I'm thinking."
(Hal races out of the room)

Another Evening With Roomie
Roomie: "Please, please come in here and get this. Whatever is on my storage bin. OMG I think I'm going to puke."
(Hal saunters in)
(it looks like dried dirt or adhesive, but in a smeared-poo-in-a-truck-stop-shower sort of way)
(Hal gets warm water on a pile of paper towels)
(Hal stops and thinks)
(Hal gets warm water on two sets of paper towels)
Hal (wiping the storage bin): "Oh, this is disgusting! And the smell is coming back! Look..."
(Hal throws second warm paper towels)
(they slide across Roomie's leg and land in her Uh-Uh Zone)
(the screams are incredible)
Roomie: "... and m****f**** I swear you're gonna get me a new laptop if this is broken! I HATE YOU SO MUCH"
(it was just dirt on the first rag, no biggie)

Hal Escapes With His Life Via IM
Roomie (explaining the last week): Steroids (last week of tapering off) directly impacts the hippocampus and can cause issues in memory, increase ADD symtoms, and mental instability,
Hal: I already told you twice, you stupid c***
Roomie: *lol'd and smiled, I don't know what I would do without you.
Hal: Never too late to find out! Here's some gas money.
Roomie (ignoring Hal): My (cousin), a year later, finally ordered that book ("I Hate You Don't Leave Me") that I tiold her about. I hate it when you're right. (The book) said that if you're using confrontational words, like 'always', 'never', 'hate' that it's a warning sign.
Hal: I've always told you that. You never listen. I hate you.

Roomie Learns The Value Of Cleanliness
Hal (turning down the hall): "Laundry detergent last night, if you need it."
Roomie: "I can't tell you when I last washed clothes."
Hal (quietly): "That's because you have a grandmother."
Roomie: "No, I can't tell you when my grandmother last washed my clothes."
Hal (faintly): "Oh, God."
Roomie: "I can't tell you if it was even last month."
(something about 5-7 thuds against the hallway wall)

Roomie Learns Chemistry Part 2
(Hal is working on an invention down the hall)

Roomie: "Why do I smell paint thinner in my room?"
Hal (distantly): "Sorry."
Roomie: "This is not paint thinner. What is this smell?
Roomie: "IS THIS TOXIC?"
Hal (distantly): "I'm really, really sorry."

Roomie's alright. Roomie and I have been through a lot, individually. We have survived life as well as our families and loved ones. Adopted sister. Atrociously ugly, downright hideous, bats***-insane adopted sister. And you gotta go through me to get to her. & vice versa. You want a peace of me (sic)? Best talk to her.

I am an activist pacifist. XBAMN.

She, OTOH, has a penchant for brass knuckles.

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narroration: the amount of chemical needed for one unit of baldness
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next on HBO:
Blue people try to shove a bigass tree of life into a phone booth.
Stay tuned for "Avatardis."
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only 5 days from 'The Scale Is A Big Damn Liar' Day
only 6 days from 'Everyone Thinks I'm Shopping For Others' Day
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Roomie Attempts Cleaning
(Hal walks in) (small explosion all over Roomie's room again)
Hal: Hey. Um, I'm looking at that small pipe sticking out & up from under your bed. I know you're not that patriotic (to have a flag), so what gives."
Roomie: "That used to be the broom."
Hal: "Is it... stuck?"
Roomie (quietly, hiding face): "I'm pretty."