Hi, I'm Ace.

Just some things below to take note of if you're thinking of adding me, thanks. :)
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A few little things:
* If you're going to add me, please leave a reason in the comments below. I tend to only accept users when they're online the same time as I am for convenience. Keep that in mind if I've been online and haven't accepted you yet.

* I like to try and keep a manageable friends list. If I've removed you, it's most likely because we didn't speak much or you were probably just someone I traded with.

* If I ever add you for a trade and I'm offline, feel free to send a trade offer!

* Nothing in my steam inventory is for trade, sale or giveaway unless specified otherwise. If you're curious as to why, this is because I am a collector.

* Please ask before joining a game that I'm currently in out of courtesy. Sometimes I'm in a game that a friend(s) wanted to play with me alone. It's awkward when someone suddenly joins uninvited.
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_P!NT Mar 28 @ 1:45pm 
Adding regarding the pan and some stuff.
Thanks in advance.
Auspex Mar 24 @ 8:48pm 
I would like to add you because i have a "Family" of Frying pans and it would be nice to have a frying pan owner in the Family.
Not really looking to trade or bother you. Just want to play.
Have a nice day.
Element Of Chaos Mar 24 @ 11:27am 
THat's okay, was just curious about it since you had two. Thank you for your time!
Element Of Chaos Mar 23 @ 5:01pm 
Hey there. I couldn't help but notice you have a level 9 Collector's Classic sniper rifle... I was curious if I could buy that off of you. Would you be interested?
Almost Mar 20 @ 6:21pm 
So i have an unfinished(only lacking flamethrower and fire axe) weapons collection of unique stock weapons. No crafting tag, no name or desc. tag, no nothing. If i search around i never see clean stock weapons. I kind of stopped caring about tf2 and would love to make someone happy with them if they are even worth a damn. Maybe you or someone you know could tell me what they are worth(i haven't found any pricing on those things) and can then buy them for cheap because idgaf.
๖̶Gavii Mar 18 @ 10:33am 
That is the KEWLEST inventory I have ever seen!