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Ärrow Oct 24 @ 6:18am 
hallo luca, kleines problem und zwar würde ich gerne bei deiner polen liberation mission earplugs , zünder u.s.w hinzufügen. aber irgendwie schaff ich dat ned xD hab dich mal geaddet
cheers aus der schweiz
Luca Sep 23 @ 3:42am 
Add me here on steam and write me if you need further assistance.
Tangles Sep 23 @ 2:02am 
hey i need some help to get liberation running on a sever
Luca Aug 30 @ 6:31am 
@Falcon Toke is now a year older! (Pez)
<3 u 2
Falcon Took Aug 30 @ 6:29am 
This Mans a Stupid Idiot. Just warning to All moms and Dads out there Keep You're childs away from this 1, Hes a filthy Disgust who use poor language and Graphic Language to Curse at Fellow Gamer and Cause disruptions of all Game. I would Rate this player 1 Star or If the System allow It less than 1 Star maybe 1/2 Stars maybe even 0 would never play with him again Thanks for your time.
Luca Jul 30 @ 3:23am 
@Nh³ Dave
I hope you see this message as I can't comment on your profile.
I will be doing liberation missions with the british, japanese once there is enough content within the "Faces of War" Mod. I can't tell when exactly that will be though.