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Our super top secret professional scientists told us that sawing off the barrels of shotguns is a thing of the past. Kill people easier AND extend your gun's range! (probably). Our scientists also told us that manufacturing weapons in korean sweatshops was
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Pepsi and roasted bunny
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Unimportant loser

Widowmaker(Amélie Lacroix) is the best video game character ever created. She is the character l NEVER asked but needed. At least this is from my sentiment. l can safety tell that she stole my heart

I am an animator []

I make SFM Posters and Animated Profile Artwork showcases. If you want to request one, go ahead. They're dirt cheap. (And I'm actually good at making them, unlike a lot of people selling them lol)

Yes, my name is Alex (Alexandria Semaj Cash). Please no Keemstar jokes. (IM NOT A STUPID NIGGER)

If you want to play csgo with me, add my alt.

If you don't have a sense of humor, then yes, I probably seem like the BIGGEST cunt in the universe. But I'm not.

I'm gender fluid. I only believe in 2 genders. Call me he, she, whatever you want. Doesn't matter to me.

If you want to talk to me, you'll probably have to start the conversation yourself.

I'm probably pretty much the only friend you'll ever have that doesn't make you sit and wait for a response EVER. (Unless I happen to be gone but if I am I usually have my phone with me)

I'm not a feminazi loser so I probably won't get "triggered" by anything as long as you're not personally attacking me or something on purpose.

Idc what you are, Male, Female, Gay, Transexual, etc. as long as you aren't a MEGAFURRY, and/or you don't spam me with mlp (you are allowed to like them), you can add me.

I love this emoticon

A majority of the music I listen to is made by megadeth.

I love to animate as a hobby (You can tell by the sfm and blender hours lol) If you need an animator for any projects feel free to contact me.


Wanna trade? Comment below before adding if you must. Trade offer here.

Donations are also accepted, and anyone who donates gets a free mark on my profile. (Click the name to see what they donated).

(I'm short 15 bucks because some cunt basically conned me by being my "friend" so if you could donate that would help a lot)


MangoJam []
Tosfoy []
PurpleH4ze []
Kringe []
Catch-22 []

Widowmaker( optional to read)
A dedicated part on the one and only true goddess [] because l REALLY love her: Widowmaker(Amélie Lacroix)
---A walking perfection indeed, she has everything l love. l would thank million(unlimited) of times the one who design her and l would kiss them just like if Widowmaker was real but she isn't, l know really sad. l really wished she was
---The moment l saw her l fell in love [] with her in an instant, nobody and l mean nobody WILL beat her. If they somehow managed to do that then you should know l'll be already dead because l made a promise, though l don't make promises often however l do keep them Hey another thing you learned from me, good job and yes that wasn't sarcasm

---Why again l'm writing this? Because some people won't believe me and l want people to know l really love her
--And don't be worried l'm not obsessed with her, l won't mention her because l know there're limits and l understand them. l'll obviously not annoy you with her and l'll keep her to myself
--Yes l do play(main) as her but l'm not good yet for her
--She will always remain in my heart
--l'm sure some of you will think l'm really obsessed by her but actually that's false. If l was really obsessed by her then l shouldn't be even alive at this point. l do know how to control myself

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