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Hey VSauce!
Professional Gungeoneer
1) Killed the Lich in Enter the Gungeon
2) Had my fanart in a Jameskii vid
3) Shadowfrax posted a screenshot of me (kinda)
4) Got a shoutout from Banana Duck


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Gregg 11月8日下午12:10 
please stop harassing me, i'm contacting the police
JackTheRipper 11月8日下午12:03 
dont get leary with me then you muppet truth is id pagger the fuck outa you ya muppet so dont get mad with me bro
Gregg 11月8日上午11:47 
yo mate calm down
JackTheRipper 11月8日上午11:46 
blatantly english tho you fuckin moron hahaha i need say no more you have just proven my point on your own staem profile what an idiot
Gregg 11月8日上午11:45 
angry scot
JackTheRipper 11月8日上午11:45 
the mosy un-educated moron you will ever meet also a pile of shit on csgo couldnt hit the broad side of a barn