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[T-SIX]360ACTUAL 16 gen, ore 8:42 
-rep camp and one shot axe
some weeb shit 16 gen, ore 8:29 
-rep, what a pussy killer! is you scareded of loseing prey huuuu?
MiSSi❤ 14 gen, ore 12:00 
-rep camper low pls play Tetris
Альфа-Енот 22 dic 2017, ore 2:45 
Check you mum
Gregg 8 nov 2017, ore 12:10 
please stop harassing me, i'm contacting the police
JackTheRipper 8 nov 2017, ore 12:03 
dont get leary with me then you muppet truth is id pagger the fuck outa you ya muppet so dont get mad with me bro