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Hey VSauce!
Professional Gungeoneer
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Dead by Daylight
1) Killed the Lich in Enter the Gungeon
2) Had my fanart in a Jameskii vid
3) Shadowfrax posted a screenshot of me (kinda)
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When you try to break a stone wall from Hard side

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stupot 16. marras 2.33 
-rep greedy
Gregg 8. marras 12.10 
please stop harassing me, i'm contacting the police
JackTheRipper 8. marras 12.03 
dont get leary with me then you muppet truth is id pagger the fuck outa you ya muppet so dont get mad with me bro
Gregg 8. marras 11.47 
yo mate calm down
JackTheRipper 8. marras 11.46 
blatantly english tho you fuckin moron hahaha i need say no more you have just proven my point on your own staem profile what an idiot
Gregg 8. marras 11.45 
angry scot