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Drive through Pussy

My Copy and Pastes if you care.

You have a group of friends together after a long day of messing around, In a odd green costume you stand on top of a counter with your bare feet, Your friend tells you to tell the people who are watching the video something that is homosexual, You then jump from said counter heavily landing with your bare feet and inform people that you are "gay".

My friend's ver - 8:49 PM - ★ Benjo: As you are creating a video for the website known as YouTube, you and your friends are messing around. As a man jumps off of his Prius upon a wheelchair, he proudly and humerously proclaims that he has the bone disease known as osteoperosis.

My dearest apologizes, I am afraid that I will have to politely deline your kind offer of inviting me to the group under the name of "Insert group name". As this group has none of my interests, I however will thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to invite me to such group. I hope in latter times that when you send another invite that it will not be a waste of your time and I will find some enjoyment out of it.

For me:

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Hey! I don't expect this to be removed but I would at least like to tell you why I got this, I used Cheat engine as a way to help the company of this game find weaknesses in their game. However, I didn't not by prior contact or email this company before doing so, I did this on my own whim. I was not in anyway trying to use this as a way to get a heads-up or damage the game or company name in any shape or form. Thank you very much and have a nice day. If there is another reason why I got this ban, I would like to know why as I think I know the actual reason.

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tfw u started drawing again but no one checks ur shit anymore
Denouement Nov 12 @ 10:45am 
happy almost 3 month birthday for getting a vac ban
celebrating valve giving us bans for dumb stuff like bhop scripts on csgo
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A square has three sides.
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