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        I make things as humans do, and certainly not as a Zognoid would.
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Who's a Zognoid? Nobody likes Zognoids.

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Jack of All Trades; Master of None (Things what I do for fun)

• Mapping (Source Engine, usually Team Fortress 2)
• SourceMod plugin development
• Website development
• Gameserver management
• Archivist of beta/scrapped content in Team Fortress 2 (got any rare beta stuff? shoot me a message!)

Random shit I've done in my life.

• Created the entire set of class emblem flair icons (Red, Blue and Mod Green) for /r/tf2 .
• Helped Karma Charger with many of his demonstration videos. (usually via plugin coding to achieve certain effects, or for beta content)
• Former cTF2w developer. Helped maintain the Custom Weapons 2 plugin alongside Theray070696 and Chdata.
• Created a SourceMod plugin recreation of the Demoman's Dynamite Pack (aka MIRV Grenade) for TF2 servers.
• I am a historian of Team Fortress 2 scrapped/alpha/beta content and have publicly available archives of a lot of wonderful and often hard to find files. I also have created a compendium of scrapped/internal build file listings (still being filled out) which is a great read if you're interested in some of the things Valve tested internally.
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>tfw you nut and she keep suckin'
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SaturnCaine Mar 27 @ 8:29am 
You wanna know what happened? I got banned because I was using CE to keep my health and ammo at max while I was in an OFFLINE Jump map, and forgot to restart TF2 before joining a VAC protected server. Happy? There's a whole lot more to the story, hence the 'too long to explain'. But I gave you the TL;DR version instead, you ass.
Lol, I see you saw my comment on Ike's flare gun.
Invited now that I'm awake :)
F2P GIBUS PYRO | G.E.W.P Mar 23 @ 2:50am 
Just another cTF2w invite request passing through...
404 | DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Mar 22 @ 11:21am 
no prob