I never asked for this

10:41 - John Saints: https://youtu.be/OZ7AQVE-aRY
11:10 - John Saints is now Away.
11:19 - ÐarkHazé: What
11:19 - ÐarkHazé: Chebacca what
11:20 - ÐarkHazé: Fart what
11:20 - ÐarkHazé: 11:20am what
11:20 - ÐarkHazé: What
11:20 - ÐarkHazé: Fuck

21:27 - Dark Haze {Wub} Deejah: You don't need a hefty-ass PC seriously.
21:28 - J.F.A.: but i need seomthing to match my dick
21:28 - Dark Haze {Wub} Deejah: LOL.
21:28 - Dark Haze {Wub} Deejah: You need one of them integrated intel cards.

18:12 - Drsalvador: fedorovas aug-butt on your head
18:12 - Dark Haze: LMAO.
18:12 - Drsalvador: u kno u wnt it
18:13 - Dark Haze: Should I wear a condom because I might get a trojan.
18:13 - Drsalvador: lol

00:32 - Dark Haze: Hey, do you listen to Dubstep?
00:33 - **EGO**: nope.. haven't heard about them

19:27 - Deejah <3 Dark Haze Wub Wub: can i ring
19:27 - Deejah <3 Dark Haze Wub Wub: ?
19:27 - Dark Haze <3 Deejah Wub Wub: OMG NOWAY FBI IN MY HOUSE.;
19:27 - Dark Haze <3 Deejah Wub Wub: -_-

19:53 - T.H.C.: mass effect 3 coming out?
20:05 - DHz<3D: It's already out cheekybuns.
20:06 - T.H.C.: is that wha your girlfriend calls u
20:06 - DHz<3D: Why, did your mum tell you?
20:06 - T.H.C.: >:()
T.H.C. is now Offline.

18:04 - Dark Haze: Oh yes.
18:04 - Dark Haze: Get a good grip of that d***.
18:04 - Dark Haze : Get a good hold of it. :)
18:04 - Dark Haze : Move up and down slowly in a rythm that you'll love.
18:04 - WarHead.Dods: FUCK YOU

03:39 - Dark Haze: What about this one.
03:39 - Dark Haze: http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f149/219686d1288031850-blue-waffle-infection-really-gross-bw.jpg
03:39 - T.H.C.: FUCK U MAN
03:39 - Dark Haze: LOL
03:39 - T.H.C.: THE FUCK MAN
03:41 - T.H.C.: FUCK!
03:41 - Dark Haze: Rage.
03:41 - T.H.C.: u no that wasnt cool
03:41 - T.H.C.: fucking asshole

18:16 - Deejah<3.Red Noises: im wet

23:02 - Red Noises <3 Deejah: She has this instinct.
23:03 - Red Noises <3 Deejah: Everytime I feel horny she jumps out of her window and runs to my house like a wolf jumping over houses.
23:03 - |HGN| Saren AKA Nik-Gamer Swag: LOL
23:03 - |HGN| Saren AKA Nik-Gamer Swag: I wish my girlfriend had an instinct like that....oh wait.

19:45 - T.H.C.: i suffer from G.P.
19:45 - Red Noises <3 Deejah: Gay Paranoia?

23:19 - T.H.C.: "american have big, gargantuine penis"
23:19 - T.H.C.: repeat after me
23:20 - Darkness:<3:Deejah: "Americans have *404 penis not found*"

20:11 - T.H.C.: my penis is the size of a jumbo jet
20:11 - Darkness:<3:Deejah: The toy one.

13:37 - WarHead.Dods: I just came

01:59 - |HGN| Saren AKA Nik: I mean come on, a circus performer named trixy who dreams of an elephant cock inside of her..

14:39 - WarHead.Dods: WAKE UP WAKE UP
^ x 10
14:40 - WarHead.Dods: Doesnt seem to be working..
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