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A Detailed welcome
Hello I'm Summer but others call me by my irl name Matt
I'm a low end gamer and a Roleplay type of person, I also do erps but my irl age might change your mind so you dont have to if you want.
What type of person am i?

I'm a more on the chubby side and i could say im a bit crazy; I'm not the most active person in the world and i just be lazy in my house until my mom tells me to do something, I am single if you care about that.
Computer specs

Laptop that i have right now

intel celeron n2830 2.16 ghz

intel hd graphics

and 4 gigs of ram

~{ tiny Q&A }~

Q : What am i hoping to become in the future

A : I'm hoping to become a Full time Twitch streamer and youtuber, As i grew up watching minecraft videos and mario videos, hehehe good times of 2012...

Q : How Old are you?

A : I'm 15 years old

Q : You like lolis / porn?

A : HELL YES, for my age i should not be watching porn but... you can blame one episode of south park for that....

Q : Who is your favorite Waifu?

A : Ok let me say.... this; Anna from Epic Battle fantasy 4 is soooo hot, i dont care what you think about her, She is a lovely ranger....

Q : Do you trade on steam?

A : I would if i knew how

Q : Do you like animeeeeeeee ^w^

A : To be honest, i have a weird feeling of anime and i just... it just makes me feel weird..... so in short response.... no

Q : Why do you get upset when you play fps games?

A : Because im the type of person who doesnt like being killed over and over again and not getting any kills......

Thank you for reading
If you wanna add me then comment down below and leave a good reason but till again, Thanks for comming by.

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Luis 14 minutes ago 
+rep he is a neko kawaii desune kitten pyro
Summer the neko kitten Aug 20 @ 1:32am 
I am, im just a bit....crazy
PhineasJack™ Aug 19 @ 11:11pm 
Probably a very nice person. But I never spoke to them.
Summer the neko kitten Aug 19 @ 6:21pm 
Professor. Cat Aug 18 @ 11:01pm 
I'm happy tew ^^
Professor. Cat Aug 18 @ 1:46pm 
Stay awesome. ✌️