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S15 Participant open (demoman)
S16 Participant intermediate (demoman)
S17 2nd place open (demoman) BEST DEMO
S18 Participant open (demoman) MVP
S19 2nd place again open (demoman)
S20 Participant intermediate (roamer)
S21 Participant open (demoman)
Asia fortress S12 participant div 3 (scout)
Asia fortress S13 participant div 2 (scout)
Many summercup teams
Many other off-season teams

Steel all star s20 (demoman)
Many hl seasons steel and plat (demoman, sniper, pyro)
Ugc 6v6 s21 participant
Ugc 6v6 s22 3rd place
Many 4v4 seasons

Frag clips (thanks tiMe <3)
S19 finals clips

shit music

big thank you to:
talk smack get wacked boys (n girls)
dip and sky and rohan (never forget)
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gamer grill Mar 13 @ 9:18pm 
When I was 4 my sister played a prank on me where she poured some soy sauce into a glass, a good inch of it. Then she distracted me (not hard to do to a 4 year old), and switched the glass out for a glass that had a similar amount of very flat coke in it. She lifted to her mouth and sculled the whole thing. I was amazed that she was able to drink that much soy sauce without wincing (or so I thought) that I planned to emulate her one day.

When my friend came over I thought I would impress him the same way my sister impressed me, so a got a glass, got the soy sauce and set it all up. I still didn't know that my sister had actually only drunk coke, so I psyched my self up to drink this half-glass worth of soy sauce. It obviously tasted vile but for 5 seconds or so my pride got the better of me and down she went.

I nearly died that day, from a sodium overdose, yet jny still manages to become saltier every time he loses bedwards.
lazy Mar 3 @ 11:46pm 
ame skinhub.com Feb 24 @ 8:39am 
nice music johnny
sKarletBlu Feb 22 @ 2:39am 
My dad wants to know if you're a hot, single mum 10km away. He also wants to know why you're getting closer. He's crying. You're breaking this family apart.
sKarletBlu Feb 22 @ 1:23am 
my dad says i can't date your sister because i'm 6
droid Feb 20 @ 12:33am 
+rep gave me constant abuse over several years for being a virgin