Malin   Canada
I have Athazagoraphobia (ish) (Fear of Forgetting) (uh-THAZZ-uh-gore-uh-foe-bee-uh)
So games on my wishlist are just sort of "bookmarked".

+=With that out of the way, here is my discription=+

I tend to bookmark things just because they have something I like or I want to go back to it later. I honestly hate forgetting things or losing things, considering they are of value to me. I also tend to save photos I like too. If you don't like how I am, then leave. I don't care what people think of me, it is my life.

Online=Talk to me if you want
Away=Im away, don't expect anything
Busy=I am doing something go away
In-game=Any messages will not be recieved for I do not want notifications on

I have few good friends in real life, most of my friends in steam are unknown people (or weirdos). At home I mostly do nothing other than game, unless another reason occurs like homework. A few of my favourite games are L4D2, Gmod, Binding of Isaac:Rebirth/Afterbirth, and Terraria.

If you are a friend that I know, friend request me.
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KNOWLEDGE!!! Aug 28, 2017 @ 6:35am 
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do you remember your username being atomiknuke or something sort of simaler
Helios Jun 6, 2016 @ 1:49am 
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