Thank you, thank you~! :

TT - Gifted me Gmod.

wilo1066 - Gifted me Poker Night at The Inventory for my Birthday.

Naked Snake/The Hox - Bloodbath Arena DLC for Dead Island, Sanctum, Trapped Dead, Indie Bundle V, Skyrim + DLC Hearthfire + DLC Dawnguard, Miasmata, Payday The Heist, State of Decay, Dead Rising 3: Apocolypse Edition, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Payday 2 DLC: The Diamond, Don't Starve Mega Pack, Tabletop Simulator, Payday 2 DLC Western Pack, Zombi, Zombie Army Trilogy, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, Dead Island Definitive Collection and for being the best support and friend a man could have and gifting me A LOT of things other than previously listed including weapons, metal, miscs and the spine-chilling skull in Team Fortress 2. (I'm pretty sure you own my soul at this point. Thanks for everything, brother!)

Gobba Go Fast - Guns of Icarus Online. Thanks a bunch, man!

Peskeh - Gifted me Surgeon Simulator 2013! On my Grandmother's funeral, you made this day a bit brighter for me. Means a lot, manbuddy. Thank you, dear friend!

Luan Angel - Gifted me Terraria. I absolutely love this guy!

Sawta[reddit] - Gifted me Super Meat Boy and Deus Ex GOTY edition ( Love ya, take care of yourself in Japan, man! )

Mr.Bigfrog - Gifted me S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl. Thank you~!

SupaCake - Gifted me Borderlands, Saint's Row 2 and From Dust. Thanks a lot, bro! <33

Kat :3 - 5 copies of Just Cause. Thanks, but I didn't really want these (neither did you, but you at least deserve a spot here.) And Monaco.

Dovahkiin: Gave me €10 so I could afford Dark Souls II: Scholar of The First Sin!

Mors: Thank you for this Bacon that thou has blessethed me with.

e_e I don't want this to seem as though I'm bragging. I'm glad that I've had so many gifts and even though doubtful of deserving them or not (which I am told I am) this is supposed to be my way of thanking these people for their generousity.
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