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I act like an idiot sometimes. Don't take it to heart.

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I'm Zenith. I am a Web Dev, Programmer, Youtuber and good at Team Fortress 2 (I main soldier in 6's but enjoy playing Scout more). I work out regularly (3 to 5 days a week depending on how busy I am)looking, and I am a snare drummer in a 2 time New York State Champion Marching Band (2016 & 2017)

I am known around many places of the internet. If you think you've seen me before, you probably have.


If you would like to contact me then just message me. If you aren't my friend and want to message me for an idiotic reason, then get ready to be removed immediately. I am a no bullshit person when it comes to that. So don't be like "HAHAH DEEZ NUTS" when I ask why some random kid added me.

My Other Proflies

Nulledbb: https://nulledbb.com/profile/4445/

Sinister.ly: https://sinister.ly/User-Zenith

Scrap.tf: https://scrap.tf/profile/1897040

Backpack.tf: https://backpack.tf/u/76561198132740756

Outpost: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/1378653

Keybase.io: https://keybase.io/Zenith_



*Bind Spams*

Suck my own dick copypasta: https://pastebin.com/a9ecK1gf

Lennies (edit and save with Notepad++ { https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ } or it won't work): https://pastebin.com/NZC7QazG

Sonic Sez: https://pastebin.com/zR9xCRsM

*To install just copy paste whatever is inside of the pastebin into a combined "autoexec.cfg" file in your /cfg folder. If you don't have a folder named that, make one and name it that. They will all work once you restart your game.*

Computer Specs

OS: Windows 10 Pro
CPU: Intel Core i5-7600
Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO VD
Ram: 2x 8gb Kingston Hyper Fury (DDR 4)
SSD: 120GB Kingston UV 400
HDD: WD Blue 1TB Hard Drive
Power Supply: 430W EVGA PSU
Case: Thermaltake Versa H-15
Wifi Card: ASUS PCE-N15

*it can run tf2 with a solid 200 fps and Overwatch with 80 on high settings*


Keyboard: Corsair Gaming K70
Mouse: Corsair Sabre Mouse
Monitor: QNIX QX2414 (144hz)
Chair: a swivel chair idk

If you have any questions, Don't be afraid to message me. I am always happy to have a conversation with anyone. Just don't be a creep / asshole about it.

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"Who is your favorite YouTuber?"
I don't really have a favorite. I watch a shit ton of youtube and it's mostly what I'm into. Right now I really enjoy STAR and Jerma and my content and style is heavily inspired by them. They seem to be the only consistently funny. Tf2ber who don't try to hard to be funny.

List of YouTubers who don't like me!
-RobTheAwsm (the AWSM Robert)
-Puntastic77 (I called his channel trash as a joke [I didn't even know who he was] and he got super mad)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hall Of Famew
This goes out to all the idiots out there

Youtube: PUNtastic77 : Man zenith u really do suck at this game
Canuck : Yeah, Zenith, learn to W+M1 like a pro youtube


Døffy : are you that 1 player who's garbage at the game but is rich?
_ Zenith : no
Døffy : you have 600 hours
*DEAD* _ Zenith : must be embarrassing to get killed by someone with only 600 hours

_ Zenith : what's the tele for?
Mr. Genji : your mom
_ Zenith : fuck
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I'm bad tho
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List of people who have attempted to scam me! (keep trying):


This is my dream Backpack if you are interested


Cloud 9 Killer Exclusive (finna got)
Starstorm Insomnia / Green Energy / Scorching Crone's Dome

Sunbeams Killer Exclusive
Burning Flames Killer Exclusive
(these are never gonna happen. Pretty much just any sunbeams / burning unusual looks nice tho)

Scout: (Best / favorite class)

Unusual Factory New Corsair Scattergun (Cool / isotope effect)
Unusual Factory New Macaw Masked Scattergun (Cool / Isotope effect)
Strange prof ks australium scattergun
Strange prof ks C.A.P.P.E.R
Strange prof ks Batsaber

Collecting every Unusual Deep Fried Desire for the meme

Soldier: (Main)

Strange prof ks australium Rocket Launcher (With Pumpkin Bombs Effect)


Strange prof ks australium Flamethrower


Strange prof ks australium grenade launcher
Strange prof ks australium sticky bomb launcher (or liquid asset)


Strange prof ks australium wrench (Pumpkin Bombs Effect)


Australium Medigun


Strange prof ks australium Sniper Rifle

Collectors Festive prof ks Ambassador
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5.6 Hours played
So I have played this game for 5 hours now. You may be saying "its pretty much no time" because it is. And the only reason for that is because I've seen all there is to this game in the first 5 hours.

What is Brawlhalla? It's a f2p rivals of aether.

The gameplay sucks. It tries to be a fast paced fighting game similar to melee, yet the hitboxes are smaller than your group of friends. Not to mention the fact that there is at least a second of lag between you clicking to attack, and the animation to finish so the hitbox activates. This makes it more than irritating to even try to land a hit on somebody since if you can't read your opponents moves a ♥♥♥♥ing year ahead of them actually doing it then good luck.
You could be saying "omg just play the game more. You just don't like it because you suck. It isn't hard to learn" but when your target demographic is people who have played games like Smash Bros, (which I have played competetively) and then your game ends up having a major difference it's extremely hard to even want to open the game again.

The matchmaking sucks. You're either placed against a 10 year old who downloaded this game by accident, or against a 5,000 hour tryhard with every skin in the game which knows how to combo you before you can even say "wow why am I playing this?"

The character select screen is a joke. You have a select few characters that are free to play for a week then are locked. So you spend a week learning a character then they get locked for a month, which you then have to pay gold (from playing the game) or actual money to unlock those characters. And after a month of playing this game I only reached 500 gold. (Yes I have 5 hours played but I did play this game at least once a day for 2 weeks). It's a joke and gives me no reason to want to play a character since I know that after a week of playing them they will be locked and I will have to wait for what feels like an eternity to play her. And don't get me started on the "amazing" new characters that seem to come out every time I open the damn game. Not only does it force me to update the game for a character that won't be accessable after a bit because they're the most expensive ones to unlock, and they are also either the worst things ever or the most overpowered, combo trash that seems like they programmed in 30 minutes.

The only good quality of this game is that is uses next to no resources, and when I tested it on an Intel Pentium g4500 with no video card and 4gb of ram it ran perfectly fine. So if you still have mom's hand me down computer from 2005 then you're good to go.

I have a♥♥♥♥♥♥ton of issues with this game, and that's why I don't recommend it you play it. But hey, I'm just bad.

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