Dr. Wong Donger
Heinrich Stözel Eichmark   Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Welcome. Feel free to check out my workshop items and leave a comment if you liked them. Check out my groups and popular discussions and try get involved. If you add me, leave a comment why you did so


Dr Wong Donger
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Zenny the Zeppelin is flying high to say hi! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Yes, I created the entire text art)

You got this far, congratulations. I'm a relatively noice guy, but can get easily frustrated at stupid people. Here is some things about me, mainly to prevent people asking me reapeated questions every single time...

~Right, one thing I wanna get out of the fucking way, if you can't speak English, then fuck off please...

~I mainly play TF2, Escapists and sometimes Civilization V.

~I'm under eighteen.

~ Seriously, if you friend me, and never talk to me, I will eventually unfriend you.


I'm a relatively flexible trader, but will get "grumpy" if the trade is explicitly unfair. Below are some rules:

1) All trades MUST comply with Backpack.tf prices.

2) It is YOUR responsibility to check the prices of items before sending trade request. I will check the prices after you've sent. If it is explicitly unfair, you will be reported.*

3) I accept trades with scrap, reclaimed or refined metal or keys and on some occasions I will do hat for hat or weapon for weapon (don't count on it though)

4) I take trades seriously, any attempts of scam, joke or not, will be reported.

5) Pay precisely on the amount or overpay. Underpay will not be accepted.

6) Don't try to tell me your item is worth more, when it's not, I know my prices, you will be reported.

Some possible key-points:

A weapon = one scrap or more

Trading card/backround = one refined or more


Online: Probably on steam, doing something else. I'm
open for a chat

Busy: I rarely use this

Away: Not at my PC

In-game: Open for a chat

Snooze: The fuck is this?

Looking to play: I'm bored

Looking to trade: Shit. Usually

Offline: Self explanatory

I'm a big contributor to the Escapists Workshop, so check out some of my items. I hate people who spam on comment sections of my workshop items. Also, don't invite me to your random-ass group. It's just annoying, I will probably decline, or ignore it.

*By explicitly unfair, I mean more than 0.22 refined off. If is between 0.01 - 0.22, I will decline the trade and you will not reported.

-Dr Wong Donger

I do not treat people's Dongs.

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