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Aditya   Bombay, Maharashtra, India
I Will Not Accept Any Random Add. Please Leave a Comment Below Stating The Reason For Adding Me, Or make a trade offer

Its been a really long run and a wonderful experience trading and making new friends. Its something that i wish i could continue for longer and i would if i could. But its time to take a step back. I have finally gotten admission into a prestigious B-School and must refocus my priorites.
I must quit trading and cash out in order to pay for my college tuition, which is more than i could have ever expected out of trading. With the need for funds, and a growing paucity of time, i regretfully must retire from trading.

I will try to keep myself available in the future and try to do as much as i can, including provide help and assistance if needed.

If I do not respond to your message right away, im probably Away or In a Game. So Please Stay Calm Till I respond.

It Has come to my notice that someone maybe impersonating me.
so please beware of scammers and impersonators
December 20th, 2011
Over 400+ rep comments on my profile
I own an Untradable Craft #4 Cockfighter...so look for that

P.Fetti COnquistador
Something Burning this way comes Pith Helmet
Hellfire Valley Forge
G.Fetti Data Mining Light
O.Fire Bullet Buzz
Stormy Fez
Tf2 Logo Brotherhood of Arms
G.Fetti Bakers Boy
Aces High Pirates Bandana
Miami Nights Front Runner
Burning Panama
Burning Cadavers Cranium
PE Thirst Blood
DP Tyrantium
Ghastly Ghosts Juju
Phantasm Jr Tipped Lid
Ooze Letchs LED
Stormy 13th Hour Allbrero
Searing Armored Authority
*CSGO FLip Knife Blue Steal FT CSGO*
Falchion Foresst DDPAT FT
AK-47 Fire Serpant FT
P.Fetti Dixie
Blizz Fukaa


-The Key to winning a pub game is to play carry,because no matter how hard you support if you dont carry the other guys will suck- #dota2logic

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1. DO NOT RANDOMLY ADD ME. Post on my profile.Specially to lvl 1,2,3,4,5s. It just makes things 10 times easier and smoother.

2. I Do Not Accept any private profiles nor do i need that trade risk.

3. I Broker Unusual Tf2 Hats for People. You can check my bp.tf trust for the same.

4. Links to Various Trading Websites, SR , eTc


5. You can also leave me a Trade Offer on

6. If i am in a game of csgo/dota2, Don't Rush me for a trade.

7. Dont Beg. Dont ask me for Free Items. Dont Ask for retrades.

*UPDATE: I Dont trade much anymore, i am looking to cash out. Please feel free to make reasonable pure offers on my stuff at anytime. Im not online very often so apologies in advance*
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i see you have lots of god tiers, if you wanted to offer a god tier on my hats, im not interested in, sorry
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+rep really good trader
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see your trades
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