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Aditya   Bombay, Maharashtra, India
I Will Not Accept Any Random Add. Please Leave a Comment Below Stating The Reason For Adding Me, Or make a trade offer

I am looking to cash out / sell for pure my backpack in orer to fund a student exchange program in Europe from October through December 2017.
PS: Any help with regards to accomodation, tips on things to do etc would be highly appreciated. Mainly going to: Germany Belgium Netherlands Denmark Norway Austria Czech Hungary Slovenia Croatia

If anyone wants to meet and hang out or do a cash deal in europe. That can also be possible.

It Has come to my notice that someone maybe impersonating me.
so please beware of scammers and impersonators
December 20th, 2011
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I own an Untradable Craft #4 look for that

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Hey There!
I regret to announce that I am quitting trading and cashing out my entire backpack (got only tf2/dota2/ csgo stickers). I need money so that i can fund an exchange program in europe as well as pay my last installment of fees for my post graduate program. Although I am evaluating all other possible sources to muster up the money for the purpose of my education, the earnings on steam would be the primary driver.

Ciao <3

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Im all about class....and it sure is all-class ^_^
I will definitely give you better prices if you pay in pure. some might even be quicksold.

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Thanks for the trade sexy
steve the gaymer Oct 18 @ 3:10pm 
Willing to go 280 on the TC if someone has already sent you a tradeoffer, if you can wait a bit.