Isaac Bypass
superhomer64   Rockland, Ontario, Canada
Welcome, traveler, to my profile. It looks pretty blank, but come sit down onto my totally not trash couch and click "View more info" below if you want to talk ;)

Can't believe you actually clicked. o3o
OK. Here we go.

Here's how my status works:
Online : Positive, ready to play and to have a good time.
Away : Doing something in real life or doing something personal.
Busy : Negative, would rather be alone for now.
Looking to Play : Waiting for one of my pals to go online so I can RP/Play a game with them.
Looking to Trade : This will appear rarely. I'll put this up if I'm feeling bored.
Offline : Name implies.

I RP. Go figure.

No, none of my expensive stuff (Australium Tomislav, Musical Eyepatch, etc.) is not for sale. Never will be unless I get something better.

I will not accept your friend invite if:
- your profile is private
- you're a random person
- "you want to trade"
Give me a better reason to really be my friend.
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