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I cannot stress this enough: PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WHY YOUR ADDING ME . Random invites without reason annoys the crap out of me.

Hello visitor, I am Captain Russia.
I'm a PC user who is quite the enthusiast for a number of games. I have dabbled with the MUGEN fighting engine and also used GameMaker 7.0 and 8.0 for many years.
As of a year ago I am now into lua scripting. And playing games alot more too.

I am looking for good friends to hang out and do stuff. Feel free to add me, provided you meet my prerequisites listed below.

Also, be sure to chek out my youtube channel (and subscribe?)
Q&A Because of limited space here
Rules and Conditions for adding me and keeping me on your friends list

I don't do much over here, but I'm open to suggestions on what you people want to see

Happy Gaming!

Status Info:
ONLINE : Usually watching videos, feel free to message me.
AWAY : Gone afk, don't expect me to reply while away.
BUSY : I don't feel like being disturbed.
INGAME : Normally the same as online; expect slower responses.
OFFLINE : What do you think it means?

If I don't reply while online or ingame, it's because I am either sleeping or afk and didn't change my settings. (This happens quite alot)

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I will not offer my items first, to prevent possible scams.
I don't need to be online to leave an offer, I will get back to you when I am able.
No rediculous demands!
Only steam items, off site items (Bundle Keys eg) I will not accept!
I WILL NOT buy/give you something for free, this counts as begging mentioned above. (I may spend money on friends who have earned my trust however, but I will not buy something if asked)
Exceptions for close friends, but the trust must be earned.
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PoptheTarts 21 hours ago 
Hey, no problem man! Truth be told, I was a little... cocky, while playing the game. It was just a really good game, and I didn't expect it to be that way. But you were a good sport, and I'm sorry for being sort of a dick at the end. :)
strifelongue Jun 23 @ 4:04am 
+реп: хороший игрок и отличный учитель по английскому языку :Р
Jason Stet Jun 22 @ 8:48am 
Vilonian Jun 11 @ 8:04am 
I like cherries
Tina Clementine Jun 10 @ 12:39pm THIS is what I have been up to. And getting more hours at my JOB. Jun 5 @ 10:05pm 
Never VAC... and you know!