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2 hours ago
In topic I can't live without Rocket League
I've had too much alcohol already, planned on playing while still "tipsy" but I dunno about now, damnit lol
5 hours ago
In topic What's your breaking point?
Instant-gratification generation
6 hours ago
In topic [H] 10K [W] Crimson Grimalkin
9 hours ago
In topic [POLL] Most annoying boost
Originally posted by XBL Laberbacke:
Any idea why the flower boost sounds like a circular saw?
Can't remember but is it the one with the sitar?
9 hours ago
In topic Server down, look at this!!!
9 hours ago
In topic [POLL] Most annoying boost
Neo-Thermal easily.
9 hours ago
In topic Gayonix fix your servers
Hi Lautrec:
*load character*
*pick up FAP ring*
10 hours ago
In topic hillarious!
11 hours ago
In topic servers down?
I can't do any trading.
I was Gold in S05, nowadays I stopped caring about ranked I do freeplay practice and all that jazz and occasional 2s unranked with my D3 friend.

We sometimes bump into Champs but it's all good and sometimes own the field even.

I have no clue what rank I am because I didn't do my placement matches this time around, but I don't care lol I'm having fun and I highly appreciate practicing with higher tier players.

Edit: I got the game this April and have about 180h in-game played, so I guess I should be happy
If this happens regularly as in matches are shorter because of the FF; you still win at collecting-digital-corn-life because you'll get them faster in the long run.
Originally posted by Ricky Bobby:
You could try not being a ♥♥♥♥♥.

It's funny how we can't type that word in the forums but you could literally have a porn photo and a link to said site, nazi propaganda and the most offensive usernames ever. Valve are such hypocrites. Hey Valve, are you still releasing borderline pedophile manga visual novels 10 times a day too? Of course you are.

Edit: Reporting a profile doesn't work, a friend and I did an experiment 4 times on some extremely questionable profiles. Not a single thing changed.
Especially when "amateurs" can create brilliant custom stuff on their own (I NEED nebula, I NEED it :/) Some of these might be over the top or weird but it's still incredibly impressive since it's community created.
Oct 17 @ 4:25pm
In topic Banning bcs of bad language?
Originally posted by FakeTaxi Driver:
Take off the Fidget Spinner wheels and you'll be unbanned and not offensive.
Oct 17 @ 3:42pm
In topic [H] Crimson/Black Thanatos [W] 5/2 K
Both sold.
Oct 17 @ 3:04pm
In topic Banning bcs of bad language?
Hey Dex. Tonight's the night.
Oct 17 @ 2:51pm
In topic [H] Crimson/Black Thanatos [W] 5/2 K
Crimson Thanatos = 5K /// Black Thanatos = 2K
Oct 17 @ 6:18am
In topic Grim Reaper Goal FX
And a Selfie-Stick antenna, Snapchat Flower Crown topper
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