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Hey, there!

A Little Ol' Backstory About Me...

My name is Nick, I like drawing cartoons. I don't take drawing requests here.

Rules Regarding Friends

I wont accept Friend Requests if your Profile is private and/or under steam level 8, the only exception to this is if I have met you in a game/etc. Comment on my profile saying you want me to add you if you want to be added.

This is to Avoid phishers

(And if I add you to trade, most likely I'll remove you if the trade is completed, I hope that isn't a problem...)

(I also never trade)
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11:33 AM - ٢Leer: bend over nick
11:33 AM - ٢Leer: for i just got my new diamond-encrusted dildo
11:33 AM - ٢Leer: and i'm not afraid to use it
2:33 PM - Propizio: *bends over obediently*
11:33 AM - ٢Leer: :happyk:
2:33 PM - Propizio: be gentle
11:34 AM - ٢Leer: no promises
2:35 PM - Propizio: *inhales deeply*
2:35 PM - Propizio: Ready
11:35 AM - ٢Leer: alright
11:35 AM - ٢Leer: *smacks you over the head with it*
2:35 PM - Propizio: *squeals lightly*

4:34 PM - ٢Leer: idk how i got
4:34 PM - ٢Leer: 18:33 - Propizio: fuck that did not get spelled right
4:34 PM - ٢Leer: this
4:34 PM - ٢Leer: and then in my mind
4:34 PM - ٢Leer: it turned into
4:34 PM - ٢Leer: "or im gonna use spells to have them fuck me"
4:34 PM - ٢Leer: what the fuck

3:17 PM - Propizio: whattaya think?
12:17 PM - Zero: No
3:18 PM - Propizio: you aint getting a vibe?
12:18 PM - Zero: Uh.. Why would I get a vibrator?

12:46 PM - Zero: I'll fuck anything that moves, has a vagina and consents to it.
12:47 PM - Zero: even if they don't consent to it.
12:47 PM - Zero: I'll fuck it

5:22 AM - Zero: No more cringe for me
5:22 AM - Zero: Or I will get Alices diamond dildo and fuck you with it
8:22 AM - Propizio: my ass is too tight to fit that thing in
8:23 AM - Propizio: they dont call me Nicki Minaj for nothing

9:39 AM - Zero: Jupiter and Neptune are the only 2 planets in puberty. They have spots all over them.

10:38 AM - ٢Leer:

9:04 AM - Propizio: lets spam bop up lads
9:04 AM - Propizio: or would you rather do
9:04 AM - Propizio: tres bon
6:04 AM - Nopegineer: tres bon
9:05 AM - Propizio: crashed!
9:05 AM - Propizio: rip
9:05 AM - Propizio: ill be back on in a second
6:05 AM - Nopegineer: your TF2 doesn't feel tres bon then
9:06 AM - Propizio: GG

4:30 PM - ٢Leer: i like on how much anime has helped me with my insecurity
4:30 PM - ٢Leer: before anime pics: i wonder what people will think of me if i do (action)
7:31 PM - Propizio: gg
4:31 PM - ٢Leer: after anime pics: i can be a degenerate and not worry about what people think about me!

1:56 PM - Propizio:
10:57 AM - ٢Leer: oh yes this movie
10:57 AM - ٢Leer: OH
10:57 AM - ٢Leer: THAT
10:57 AM - ٢Leer: c
10:57 AM - ٢Leer: C
10:57 AM - ٢Leer: CONDOM
10:57 AM - ٢Leer: EXCUSE ME

10:46 PM - Propizio: i think im done for tonight
7:46 PM - X.: no come back daddy
10:46 PM - Propizio: cant handle le crashes

5:53 PM - Leer: i was getting trash talked on tf2
5:54 PM - Leer: like
5:54 PM - Leer: 5 years ago
5:54 PM - Leer: and i wanted to spell "penis" in the chat
5:54 PM - Leer: but i didnt know how to
8:54 PM - Propizio: aww ☹
5:54 PM - Leer: so i asked my mother
5:54 PM - Leer: without any context
5:54 PM - Leer: "how do i spell penis?"

9:10 AM - Zero: About 8
9:10 AM - Zero: hentai
9:10 AM - Zero: sites
9:10 AM - Zero: bookmarked
9:10 AM - Zero: and yes
9:11 AM - Zero: i am the ultimate weeb pervert.
9:11 AM - Zero: And proud.

4:51 AM - Zero: My goal in life
4:51 AM - Zero: Is to become like Dahlsim from street fighter
4:51 AM - Zero: Aka a human tentacle monster
4:52 AM - Zero: After I become tentacle, I kill men and have fun with women
4:52 AM - Zero:

8:02 PM - 「๖ۣۜBιиᴀяʏ」: if i put balloons in my shirt does that count
8:02 PM - 「๖ۣۜBιиᴀяʏ」: ⏓ ͜ ⏓

3:07 PM - Kalt: *feel a sneeze*
3:07 PM - Kalt: *sneeze coming*
3:07 PM - Kalt: *gets ready*
3:07 PM - Kalt: *gets ready*
3:07 PM - Kalt: *gets ready*
3:07 PM - Kalt: *doesnt happen*
3:07 PM - Kalt: the true definition of suffering

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I hurtled through the air, my body exploding in pain. I swore I could feel the wind whistling through the holes in my body as I twirled end-over-end across the city skyline. That goddamned train broke every bone in my ribcage, and if my legs weren't powder by now I'd be amazed. What the hell was I thinking? I knew I wouldn't have long to scold myself; if a building didn't get me, the ground had to catch up with me eventually. But something festered at the back of my mind, rattling in my now-fractured skull like a half-remembered song. It was something important, something I somehow knew I shouldn't have forgotten. I had seconds left, my spider-sense ringing in my head like a million alarm bells. I could barely hear myself think, how was I supposed to remember-

"Oh, no..." I whispered. "Dr. Connors' class."