Made in the   Philippines
Hello there welcome to my profile

~whats your name?

Its Niel owo

~Where you from?

I'm From the Philippines

~How old are you?

I'm 15 years old

~when is your birth day?

October 25th

~Are u a girl or a boy?

I'm a bird

~Who are your best friends in steam?

You *wink wink*

~Can we trust u?

Idk maybe?

~Do u like trading?

Yes I do, send offers here >>> https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=320850960&token=xgE0RAEr

~Who do u main in tf2?

I'm a soldier main
And I sometimes play

~Are u a pro?


~Why do u play games?

Becuz they're fun,
to escape reality
And to get rid of my anxiety issues and depression


Friendly people
Dominating people that has a god tier unusual
Good games
Funny stuff
Trap music
Electro swing
Meme soundtracks (lmao)

~What is the greatest thing u have ever heared from someone ? (Idk why would u ask ,but fuck it I'm putting it anyways)

Someone: I'm going to stand out side, So if anyone asks "I am outstanding"
(get it? Becuz He is outside standing so he is outstapnding no? ok

~BTW I will insta unfriend u if ur acc has:

A private backpack
Trade banns
Vac banns?(I don't hate all of them I like the once who never hacked again)
(I'm saying this stuff in a less aggressive way)

Alright that's all ~baii
And have a nice morning/nice night
Gud bye don't let the bad memes bite

Oh ur still here? If u came all the way here u probably wasted 5 minutes of ur life reading my summary, congrats ~~ I feel u, I too don't have a life
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ur beautiful voice gave cancer
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