shadu is bad, i beat him in mge
Joe   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Open TF2 player
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Monika's Wrath (Score:20) defeats Pterodactyl7 (Score:13) in duel to 20 on Process Mid

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-To comment your reason first
-To not have a private profile or inventory (if you do I will block you)
-To always check my backpack on before trying to offer on something, if an item has the tag "NOT FOR SALE" then don't try to offer on it. Also, don't lowball
-To not randomly invite me to games or groups
-To not, under any circumstances, ask for free items

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Unusuals I've owned
-*Tesla Coil* Nasty Norsemann
-*Hot* Spec KS Flower Power Scattergun
-*Starstorm Insomnia* Wing Mann
-*Bubbling* Rotation Sensation
-*Smoking* Neckwear Headwear
-*Purple Energy* A Rather Festive Tree
-*Circling TF Logo* Brown Bomber
-*Tesla Coil* Executioner
-Strange *Purple Energy* Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats

Competitive Experience
ETF2L Fresh Meat Challenge (Cup) - Scout - The Sloppy Seconds
ETF2L Season 28 - Open - Scout - 2 Button Tactics

ETF2L Season 12 - Open - Sub (never actually played any officials) - Random Boots Reborn
ETF2L Season 14 - Open - Engineer - 2 Button Tactics

Ready Steady Pan
RSP Season 3 - Scout/Demoman/Sniper - 2 Pan Tactics

2BT : JWB : looking back at my previous messages, i feel like a fanboy lmao
Doomsday.exe : dw I'm a fan of you JWB
[SOAP] Your attacker had 100 health remaining.
2BT : JWB : <3
(Voice) Angel: Thanks!
2BT : JWB : screenshotted
TeemoTheScientist : I ship u 2
(Voice) Angel: Thanks!
Runyx : n u t t e d
TeemoTheScientist : K I S S

(this was from a competitive Ready Steady Pan game)

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6s scrim?
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Its Wilzs from team 2
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Yo dude im miner208 accept me
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Adding to play (ETF2L open-engi)