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Gravel Pit C, it's like the worst fucking map, it's like tourettes
- Janga7

I swoop in and then back out, like a fighter jet.
- /dev/zero

My dad's the passive agressive type, he just hits me.
- D-Fault

When you think about it, the Jews caused every war
- Snazzy

I'd go gay just to avoid the bullshit.
- Snazzy

Snazzy could kill a man with his dick tho
- Frawg

I'd willingly put engi players in a conentration camp
- Frawg

The type of people who survive the Holocaust by counterjumping Hitler
- Snazzy

Physics and chemistry are basically the same, they both have electrons
- Scandal

You can balance any equation just by adding 6000 tonnes of uranium to both
- Halfwrong

Dream has 2 dimensions, dying and backcapping
- Yauch

Crud's name describes his gamesense
- Calligraphdog
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I regret visiting your crummy profile, i got so many cuts from your edginess!
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