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Welcome to ZARP Gaming

ZARP Gaming is a community focused mainly on providing the best quality servers in GMod. Our community has been running strong for over two years now. Below is a list of our open servers & their IP addresses:

////GARRY'S MOD\\\\

Semi-Serious RP Server 1 | -
Semi-Serious RP Server 2 | -
Semi-Serious RP Server 3 | -
Trouble in Terrorist Town | -
Deathrun Server 1 | -
Surf | -
Bhop | -

////Team Speak 3\\\\

Interested in becoming an admin on one of our servers? Found a bug or would like to suggest something that you think will make our servers better? Then please visit our forums at
Community Manager 2017 - Applications OPEN!
Announcing the Community Votes 2017. We’re looking for only the most dedicated, passionate and expert staff members to join and take part in the process for selecting the next community managers and our plan for 2017.

This year we’ve significantly overhauled and rethought what the role and responsibilities of being a Community Manager actually involves. We want our next generation team to be able to join us in making high quality & informed decisions; including updates and changes to our game servers across the board, reviewing community structures and processes, recommending improvements and changes, and above all; helping to expand and plan for the future of the ZARP community at the highest level.

To enable you to achieve this we will for the first time be unlocking new powers, tools and the highest ever level of trust in the community team; all made possible because for the first time ever, a generation of ZARP staff have been trained from the ground up with the community ethos and aims at the heart of everything they do, giving us the utmost confidence in the successful candidates.

If you are thinking of applying for the role, you should read carefully every part of this thread, and really think about if you’re ready for the challenges of being a ZARP Community Manager.

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Fa la la la la la la la la. Deck the halls because this Friday it's the first ever ZARP Christmas Party and you're invited! From 5PM onwards we'll have game giveaways, rare item giveaways, the ZARP Trivia, Karaoke, community awards, staff of the year and much much more. Join us on TeamSpeak ( and then join the public Christmas Party channel to join in from 5PM onwards for a chance to win. Read on below for the full details...

Zarp Triva

Do you know everything there is to know about ZARP and it's servers? Well this is the time in which all that knowledge will finally pay off! The trivia will consist of a number of questions and minigames about SSRP, TTT, Deathrun & surf plus questions about the community and staff too. As part of our giveaways throughout the night we'll be giving the top trivia scorers Steam games, rare SSRP and pointshop items and more...

Zarp Karaoke

It's Christmas time and that means it's time for bad karaoke singers to come together and sing badly together in one truly festive karaoke. We'll be taking song suggestions as well as singing some Christmas classics together, plus if you turn up your speakers to maximum volume to ensure your parents are fully immersed in the festivities too. The best or worst singers will also be winning Steam games, rare SSRP, Pointshop items and the unique reputation that comes with singing Jingle bells at the top of your voice!

Rare Item Giveaways

Throughout the meeting there'll be opportunities to win rare SSRP items including GenCorp items, Magik box items, cases plus smoke grenades, flash bangs and many more. There'll also be giveaways of rare Pointshop items too. Plus if you wear a particularly festive jumper we might even give you a Festive Box just for getting in the Christmas spirit.

How to win? Simply join in with the festivities, we'll be giving out prizes to the top winners of the ZARP Trivia, Karaoke, community awards, staff of the year and randomly throughout the party too!

Game Giveaways

Christmas means game giveaways. And we'll be giving away plenty of Steam games throughout the ZARP Christmas party all you have to do is take part in the festivities we'll be giving out games to the top winners of the ZARP Trivia, Karaoke, community awards, staff of the year and randomly throughout the party too.


+ Much Much More!
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