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2013년 7월 1일
ToonHUD 정보


ToonHUD is a highly customizable heads-up display for Team Fortress 2.

You can customize ToonHUD with your browser and share your themes with others at

If you use ToonHUD, feel free to leave some feedback. :) (Official site)[]

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ToonHUD 9
  • Original looking main menu is back
  • Set TF2 fonts as default for OSX and Linux
  • Removed "map: cp_bridge" label from spectate screen
  • Fixed item inspect panel showing "Unknown" label in MvM (reported by JustCallMeAlec)
  • Added minimal main menu as an option
  • Added ability to change font size for main menu buttons
  • Main menu buttons now supports transparency
  • Added ability to toggle gradient on/off for main menu buttons
  • Added ability to change fonts for health and ammo (in clip) separately
  • Added ability to remove rounded corners from regular menu buttons

ToonHUD 8.5
  • Compatibility with the latest TF2 update:
    • Ping Settings added to Casual and Competitive matchmaking

Merry Smissmas!

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@ngrynerd [D.E.M.O.] 2017년 5월 21일 오전 9시 03분 
Please any help would be much appriciated
@ngrynerd [D.E.M.O.] 2017년 5월 20일 오전 10시 05분 
Scaypies 2017년 5월 19일 오전 12시 59분 
THICC Heavy 2017년 5월 18일 오전 5시 02분 
where do I go to change the HUD menu background?
Scaypies 2017년 5월 17일 오전 2시 22분 
@Loring This could have to do with the font you're using, although I'm not entirely sure. I checked myself to see if it was a HUD issue and it worked fine for me after I changed my settings in-game. All I can recommend is checking your settings again, possibly your config file if you use one, or any mods that may clash with it. Hopefully it fixes itself like most TF2 problems seem to!
Scaypies 2017년 5월 17일 오전 2시 21분 
@Qwinzu use the console; 0 is off, 1 is on
hud_combattext 0/1 - turns the damage text above enemies off/on
hud_combattext_batching 0/1 - turns the damage text above players adding together within a 0.10s interval off/on
hud_combattext_healing 0/1 - turns the healed text above teammates off/on
hud_reloadscheme - use this to fix various HUD-color errors or lingering Crit-effects

@Wagwarm From what I know transparent viewmodels are completely disabled on official servers using sv_pure 1 and so on. If you aren't getting transparent viewmodels on community servers using sv_pure 0 though, then there's a problem
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