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TF2 Loadout
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Baldurs Tod 2014年1月29日下午3:21
Bug report: readme before posting
For a good efficiency, each bug report should be posted this way:

Title: [BUG] <Summary of the bug>
Content :
Browser: <Browser name with version>
Class: <Class name if necessary>
Item: <Item name if necessary>
<Bug description>

Don't hesitate to post any relevant information. A screenshoot will be appreciated.
最后由 Baldurs Tod 编辑于; 2014年1月29日下午3:27
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Deranged_Fish 2014年5月22日下午1:21 
in google chrome, I can not see ANY class. this happend after the new update, where there are new animations. this happens for any class, and I can not see any items on anything. :/
Baldurs Tod 2014年5月22日下午1:44 
Does this works ?
Are you on mac? It has been reported not working on chrome mac, but working on firefox.
最后由 Baldurs Tod 编辑于; 2014年5月22日下午1:46
Deranged_Fish 2014年5月23日下午1:17 
no, I have a normal pc, toshiba
Deranged_Fish 2014年5月23日下午1:19 
and that link, it works. god dayum, thanks, man, but do you have any idea why it wouldnt work normaly for me?
Deranged_Fish 2014年5月23日下午1:22 
and we are making progres... I can see something, but it is a blob of heavy. sort of stuck off to the sides. I will keep going with the link, but the bug is starting to go away. thanks, man
Baldurs Tod 2014年5月23日下午2:06 
Can you copy/paste the results on this page ? It will helps me to understand whats going on with mac chrome.
Deranged_Fish 2014年5月24日上午11:57 
I have no IDEA how to use that page. is the only thing not working for me, a and I am on pc, not mac. windows, and I am not trying to be difficult, but I don't know what any of that means.
Baldurs Tod 2014年5月24日下午12:53 
What is your browser ?
Deranged_Fish 2014年5月24日下午1:25 
google chrome
Baldurs Tod 2014年5月24日下午2:00 
Can you go to this link and tell me these values:
Max Vertex Uniform Vectors
Max Vertex Texture Image Units
Deranged_Fish 2014年5月24日下午2:03 
the max verterx uniform is 253, and the texture image units is 4
Baldurs Tod 2014年5月24日下午3:18 
I've uploaded a new version at this adress: is this better ?
Deranged_Fish 2014年5月24日下午4:28 
no, it doesnt :/ but btw, what was that info for before?
ster 2016年6月13日下午5:55 
Well, i can't paint any miscs of any classes, no ideia why
Baldurs Tod 2016年6月14日上午12:22 
引用自 FROYO akure
Well, i can't paint any miscs of any classes, no ideia why
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所有讨论 > Bug report > 主题详情