TF2 Loadout
TF2 Loadout
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Porco Rosso 2017年1月1日下午1:55
Cannot Export to 3D grenade launchers or stickybomb launchers
I've been messing around with producing 3D models of my demoman loadout. I cannot export any model that has any kind of grenade launcher, nor sticky launcher; I get an error from Chrome that says "download(2) / Failed - Network Error". I am able to export when a melee weapon is equiped.

Let me know if I can be of help in tracking this down.
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Baldurs Tod 2017年1月1日下午1:57 
Are you using chrome ?
Porco Rosso 2017年1月1日下午1:58 
引用自 Baldurs Tod
Are you using chrome ?

Yes I am, and I tried using the Chrome Cleanup Tool and that didn't help.
Porco Rosso 2017年1月1日下午2:02 
I tried this with Mozilla, and it works. Odd...
Baldurs Tod 2017年1月1日下午2:04 
That's because chrome has a file size limit of 2MB. Firefox has no limit. GL is more detailed than melee weapon, therefore you hit the limit.
Porco Rosso 2017年1月1日下午2:08 
That makes sense, though that sucks for chrome users.

On a separate (but brief) topic, do you have a REST api to create and export 3d models ? Then I can use 'curl' and not have to worry about size.
Baldurs Tod 2017年1月1日下午2:11 
I don't have an api. But i'm going to fix this issue anyway.
Porco Rosso 2017年1月1日下午2:14 
Thank you for your time. BTW, I saw your work on Shapeways. I'm gonna try some 3d models there.
Baldurs Tod 2017年1月1日下午2:49 
I fixed that. Chrome now dl larger files.
Porco Rosso 2017年1月1日下午8:09 
Confirmed. Thanks!
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所有讨论 > Bug report > 主题详情