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January 9, 2014
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[BUG] Lighting issues with various items + classes
Browser: Google Chrome
Items: Unshaved Bear, Special Eyes, Bruiser's Bandanna, and many others.
Classes: All?

I'm having a strange lighting issue with all of the classes. First, visually, the lighting seems to have changed, making all the classes "shinier" (simply put it looks like they have a light being shined directly onto them). I have tried checking and un-checking "Use Lighting", but nothing seems to change. While I find it rather ugly, if it was a purposeful aesthetic choice, I can accept that.

Most prominently however, is that this seems to effect items rather negatively.
I've included two specific examples, the Unshaved Bear and the Special Eyes in this screenshot:
Both of these items are allegedly painted white, however they have a large black texture that seems to cover most of the item.
This lighting glitch also happens with other items, such as the Bruiser's Bandanna, the Bearded Bombardier, and many others.

I've also included this screenshot as a comparison of what the items used to look like (luckily enough I had a picture saved of a loadout that I was testing about a week ago!):
On the left is the current way the loadout appears, and on the right is what the loadout looked like no longer than one week ago. Both beards are painted white, the loadouts identical (save for the unusual effect, but I've tested it and it doesn't change anything) and my settings exactly the same.

I'm not sure why this is happening, or if there's some kind of easy fix that I'm just entirely missing, but I appreciate any help I could get! I really adore this website and it has helped me plan out many a loadout that I've loved. Thanks for all the work you do, and I wish you all the best! Cheers!

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Baldurs Tod May 28, 2017 @ 12:40am 
You are using The new lighting is currently being tested (see announcement)
Use the regular website, and magically everything will return to normal.
Also the "ugly" look is closer to the ingame look than the regular website. I just need to add controls to adjust light strength.
General Butt Knight May 28, 2017 @ 10:36am 
Ah, I'm very sorry, then! It seems I have whatsnext.loadout bookmakred, but sometimes decide to type into the url bar instead.
Thanks for the help!
Baldurs Tod May 28, 2017 @ 10:59am 
You should bookmark and type when you want to see new stuff
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