Tactical Battlefield Modification TacBaF
Tactical Battlefield Modification TacBaF
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2013년 9월 8일
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Tactical Battlefield

Welcome to Tactical Battlefield (TacBF). Tactical Battlefield is the ultimate PvP game-play simulation on Arma 3 and is focused on bringing the best team focused game-play to you. We aim to create diversity through a variety of game modes, each supporting optional special game mode features, plus we have well over 100+ missions to choose from and it is still growing. We have a multi-lingual community from many countries all gathering on the same servers, using TS3 communications via TFAR mod and sharing tactical information using the in-game menus and maps which translate information into your local client-side language.

Official TacBF TeamSpeak 3 Server:

Warning! Task Force Radio on TS3 is essential for good squad communications. You might be unwelcome in some squads for not being able to communicate, plus you will have limited access to loadout gear. Note that default VoN is disabled.

Official server:
Arma 3 Address:
View stats: Official European Server EU#1[]

Info: EU#1 server is up 24/7 and seeded most days by 1900GMT. If it is empty, just hop on and wait, or ask one of admins to post an invitation for community members to join.

Official TacBF Discord Chat
Join Official TacBF Discord chat channel[].

Info: You can access our Discord chat channels either via any web-browser or install the dedicated Discord app for regular use.

Required Arma 3 mods for TacBF:
@TacBF mod[]
@RHS[] (including AFRF, USAF, GREF, SAF).
@CUP Terrains - Core
@CUP Terrains - Maps
@TFAR: Task Force Radio[]
@Kunduz, Afghanistan
@Taliban Units (EricJ)
Full mod details can be viewed here[], along with optional recommended mods, like JSRS[], Missile Sounds Mod.

TacBF Launcher:
Download[] and automatically install all required Arma 3 mods and TS3 @TFAR plugins, using this highspeed downloader.

If the TacBF Launcher is not suitable for you, then you can also try to download PlayWithSix[], which also keeps all your mods up to date, configure your game and join servers from the app too.

Other essential links:
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TacBF friday night game!
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"First Person Tactical Squad Based Military Combat Shooter."
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NecessaryEvil 2017년 8월 20일 오전 1시 51분 
Is TacBF dead? I'm interested in playing.
[TacBF] Clay 2017년 4월 12일 오전 11시 13분 
[M.A.T.A.R] Gnx 2017년 3월 28일 오전 12시 14분 
This server setup is amazing, i'll be joining as soon as I can with some unit members!
Awesome job with the TB Launcher and the overall setup, it's simply perfect.
[CoG]funnyman440™ 2017년 3월 6일 오후 1시 35분 
I could only make it if it was at 23:00 GMT and that is barely
[CoG]funnyman440™ 2017년 3월 6일 오후 12시 31분 
How long do the events usually last? And can I join late?
[TacBF] Clay 2017년 3월 6일 오전 8시 52분 
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