Stop feed the greedy cheaters STOPFEEDTC
Stop feed the greedy cheaters STOPFEEDTC
September 22, 2016
ABOUT Stop feed the greedy cheaters


Stop glorifying and feed cheaters on STEAM-VALVE !
STOP feed the greedy cheaters with xp bonus and Badges , don't by a hooker ... by a GAMER , a real gamer !
Feel free to join my group ! This group is for everyone ! Feel free to write comments , i need your opinion because im not like "Kim Jong-un" ;)
Work together or die alone !
We are a community of gamers firing back at these cheaters and creating a mass report system. By doing this, we will flood the cheater with mass reports to a "suspected" hacker. And make it known, if you hack and play with an S.F.T.G.C. community member your ASS will be banned.
How do i post information about a cheater on this group ? "is easy" ;)

1 ) Steam profile number id .
2 ) Reason eg. (aimbot , wallhack, no recoil, UAV alwas on hacks , headshothacks )
3 ) What is the name of the game you caught him/her cheating ,

As you can see Steam become land of cheaters . Cheaters with V.A.C. ban on steam profile and is here with same rights like my and you . And remember do not feed the cheater's and moderators from steam forum's ! Steam forum's is full of cheaters with V.A.C. ban or multiple V.A.C. ban's . I don't accept to talk with cheaters .

Any child with ORANGE that you encounter here in Black Ops 3 is a cheater, they couldn't do more than stress your IP, or use auto aimming or UAV alwas on hacks .

Wall of Shame (ban list) pending V.A.C. ban list
Steam id : - ip flood
Steam id - ip flood
Steam is a bad joke ! No offence ! - cooldown in cs go for spam and troll - cooldown in cs go for spam and troll

This is my opinion : "Hacks are like Tampons, every Pussy needs one !" ;) END OF STORY
i'mNot aMonster i'm aBeast Dec 11, 2017 @ 5:44am - ANOTHER cheater in cs go with wall hacks and new fresh steam account
i'mNot aMonster i'm aBeast Dec 11, 2017 @ 5:42am - mass report for wall hacks in CS GO - 2018 for FAST VAC BAN PERMANENT
i'mNot aMonster i'm aBeast Nov 30, 2017 @ 12:03am - Wall hacks in cs go . he tells everyone : add my for hacks ;) again VALVE DEV. is a charlatan ;)
Ugandan Warrior Nov 29, 2017 @ 11:16pm 
Reporting someone doesnt give them a vac ban. Each report sends a System Scan to the "Cheaters" PC