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Stardock SDS
September 13, 2007
United States 
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Publisher and developer of PC Games

Stardock is a leading developer and publisher of PC games and desktop software. Its PC games include Sins of a Solar Empire and the critically acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series. Its desktop software includes Start8, Fences, WindowBlinds, ModernMix, and more.
v2.3 Updates the New Crusade Expansion and Base Game, Galactic Civilizations III
Enjoy AI improvements, new missions and more in Crusade and check out the AI adjustments and bug fixes in the base game!

Players who don't own Crusade yet can still experience smarter AI opponents, improved diplomacy, and more!

For a detailed list of updates, view the changelog at the bottom of this post.

Crusade Expansion-Only Updates:

New Content
More missions, more money (and probably more problems). The new missions will let you further explore the galaxy in search of wonders and resources to build up your civilization. The new "Mogul" promotion for your entrepreneurial citizens will net you 5000bc when you reach it. Score!

Game Balance
Many adjustments to the game's balance through changes to missions, bonuses, ideology, and more also feed into the improved AI.

AI Improvements
The AI is substantially better at managing domestic affairs (improvements, economy, etc.), as well as issues abroad (waging war, exploration, etc.).

Base Game, Galactic Civilizations III Updates:
  • Diplomacy: The AI is much better at bargaining with players and makes more intelligent trade offers.
  • Balance: A balance pass on planetary improvements now gives them an increased effect on gameplay, though it has also made them more expensive. Adjustments have also been made to the cost of specialty vessels such as constructors or colony ships.
    Galaxy Setup: More anomalies are available to explore early on in the game than there were before. The number of planets, stars, and habitable planets have also been substantially increased.
  • Performance: Some of the optimizations for Crusade have been ported over to create faster turn times and improve the general framerate.
  • AI: The AI has been improved to be able to play more intelligently, especially during times of war.
The v2.3 update is ready and waiting for you in your Steam client! If you haven't already joined the Crusade, the expansion is available on Steam or at Stardock.

Ludicrous sized map[]
That's a lot of planets. If you want to conquer them all, you'll have to...plan it.
Word on the Street[]
Planet overcrowding? Time to expand!
Being Watched[]
They've got their eye on you. |

See the full changelog here:

Stardock’s Fences v3.05 Update Release
  • FEATURE: Added simplified Chinese Localization
  • UPDATE: Heuristic improvements (icons go where they should go and shouldn't fall out of fences)
  • UPDATE: Improved start process (users were having to right-click on desktop to show Fences)
  • UPDATE: Fixed Folder Portal spacing for Windows 10 Insider Redstone-3 Fast Track, spacing logic tweak for RS2
  • UPDATE: Improved bug reporting
  • FIX: Fixed issue where drag/drop into a roll-up fence failed
  • FIX: Fixed issue where hidden icons would save excessively during mousedown events
  • FIX: Fences could crash while performing activities such as switching monitors, resizing desktop area, initial startup

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