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July 21, 2017
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Dodgeball Admin Application (CLOSED)
Here is the Dodgeball Admin Application. Please read and answer everything to the best of your ability. Your application will be reviewed in the next 24-48 hours and you will receive a steam message (or an email if I don't have you added) at the end of the application period with the outcome of your application. If you are denied, you may apply again the next time admin applications are open. There are some trick questions in this application.

Admin Applications are currently closed. Not sure when they'll open again!

Admin Requirements:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a microphone and the ability to download Discord
  • Must be on the server at least 10 hours a week
  • Must have at least 300 hours on Team Fortress 2

Server Rules:
  1. Don't be an unwanted asshat
  2. No NSFW sprays
  3. Don't ask to be staff
  4. No mic/chat spamming..
  5. No use of client-side exploits/cheats will be tolerated
  6. No advertising
  7. English only on mic and in chat

Nano's Pet Peeves:
  • I am very picky on how admins portray themselves to normal players. Having a high ego won't get you an admin position.
  • Try to resolve the situation without using any admin commands. Ask, don't tell.
  • You can have fun with admin commands, but don't excessively use them during gameplay. Don't try and "prove" your dominance over a normal player by being like "HEY LOOK AT MY BIG DICK WITH ADMIN COMMANDS HAHAHA". You feel me?
  • Don't be that strict asshole admin that no one likes.

Helpful Tips:
  • Don't take the questions too seriously, be relaxed. But also don't give me one-word replies. I expect quality answers.
  • I read more into HOW you answer the questions.
  • Don't be offended if your application is denied, I am very picky. You can always try again next time applications are open.
  • There are some trick questions, so read the server rules and make sure you're answering a trick question correctly!

Admin Application:
Click here to go to the admin application[]
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