Seriously! S!
Seriously! S!
8. elokuu, 2007
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Winter bells.... hallotrolls...

Seriously! Serious Gaming

Join us on the Seriously! Nation Discord Server[]!

Winter Schedule
  • Wednesdays @ 11:30 PM UTC/GMT -- Cards Against Humanity & Jackbox Games Night
    Requires: Firefox or Google Chrome browser, (optionally/preferred) a smartphone; Optional: a microphone for group voice chat

  • Saturdays @ 1:00 PM UTC/GMT -- Second Encounter HD Deathmatch
    Requires: Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter
    Just look for the server named Seriously!

We will no longer be using the events system in Steam because it is buggy and highly annoying to many people. So you will need to mark down event times and add them to your own schedules (in whatever form works best for you).

Happy gaming!
Screwballs Available Now!!
The hotfix file will be removed later but for now you need it. We start in about 20 minutes!

If the hotfix doesn't work the game won't run and you can download and install the hotfix manually from here:


Put it in your [Steam]\steamapps\common\Serious Sam 3\Content\SeriousSam3 folder.

Screwballs Launch Party
The download links and workshop announcement will be posted later this evening/early tomorrow. So keep an eye out for it! </hype>

And since people have asked about the development team... here is the list:

Team Screwballs
  • Mischievous
  • Finzy
  • Pan
  • Atlas
  • Louva-Deus
Yes, I am on there... and you might find a hidden secret of mine.... ;)

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