PD2Weapons by BSoD
PD2Weapons by BSoD
January 19, 2016
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[Ended] Because of Training Contest

Post here if you want to take part in this contest. Please provide:

- Your timezone;
- What mask code you'd like to get for playing (King of Jesters, Mega Clover, Mega Sydney or none);
- What E3 mask(s) you'd like to get if you win (Jack/Joker/King/Queen);

I'll add all players on Steam. It's up to the player to invite me to their game whenever they are available to play. I will only accept invites when my status is set to "Looking to Play"; don't bother inviting me otherwise.



1st: Hoxifier[] (13:21) - 4x E3 Masks
2nd: Hexaloon[] (17:09) - 3x E3 Masks
3rd: Jason the Papa Shpee[] (17:485) - 2 E3 Masks
4th: Schofield Kid[] (17:60) - 1 E3 Mask
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Jason Mar 20 @ 1:00pm 
Timezone : EET
I'd like to take part in the contest
Timezone : CET
i would really like to be a part of the contest
Mega Sydney mask
Joker mask (E3 Secret mask 4)
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Hey! I would like to join.

Timezone: UTC+3
Desired Mask Code: Mega Clover.
Desired E3 Mask: Joker.
pezy Mar 20 @ 2:43pm 
Timezone: EST
Desired Mask Code: Mega Sydney.
Desired E3 Mask: King
Last edited by pezy; Mar 24 @ 5:43pm
Facelet Mar 20 @ 3:58pm 
I'd like to throw my two cents in this competition.

Timezone: PT
Desired Mask For participating: King of jesters
E3 Mask: Joker
I'd really like to join.

Timezone: EST
Desired mask for participating: Mega Sydney
E3 mask: Joker
Sure, I'd like to join (:
Timezone UTC -5
Desired mask for participating: Mega Sydney
Desired mask if winning: E3 Joker
Desired Mask Code:King of Jesters
E3 mask:Queen
Hexaloon Mar 21 @ 6:04am 
CET (Central European Time)
Desired mask for participating: none
E3 Mask: any Mask
Last edited by Hexaloon; Mar 21 @ 6:32am
Xslice Mar 21 @ 8:36am 
Sounds like a fun time, so I'm in.
Timezone: EST
Desired Mask: King of Jesters
E3 Mask: Joker
Last edited by Xslice; Mar 21 @ 8:38am
GMT +1
Participation Mask: Mega Clover
E3 Mask: King
Roy [ZS] Mar 21 @ 10:40am 
Timezone : CET
I like to join the contest
King of Jester
Dork Pit Mar 21 @ 12:06pm 
Sounds like fun!
GMT +1 Timezone
Participation mask: Mega Clover
E3 Mask: Queen
Timezone: UTC + 1
Mask for playing: King of Jesters
E3 Mask: Joker
DVR Mar 22 @ 8:01am 
Gmt -3
Mask for playing: Mega Sydney
E3 Mask: King
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