PD2Weapons by BSoD
PD2Weapons by BSoD
January 19, 2016
ABOUT PD2Weapons

A collection of tools and simulators to assist the PAYDAY 2 game community.

Welcome to PD2Tools' Steam Group!

This is a hub for discussing and updating the community with recent developments regarding the main website and any project that may be associated with it. If you support this project, feel free to join and invite anyone else you think might too be interested on it.
Solo Stealth Tournament
  • *Alienware Mask Pack
  • Humble Bundle Mask Pack 1-5
  • Gage Russian Weapon Pack
  • Gage Spec Ops Pack
  • John Wick Heists
  • John Wick Weapon Pack
  • Scarface Character Pack
  • Scarface Heist
  • The Biker Heist
  • E3 Secret Masks (Jack/King/Joker/Queen of Cards)
  • Point Break Heists
  • Wolf Pack
* This is a courtesy OVERKILL_Sebastian, and will only be awarded to the first place.

I'd like to award at least 10 players, with 1st place getting 10 codes of their choice, 2nd place 9 codes and so on. However, if we reach a really big number of entries (100+) I'll see if I can award more players.

I'll also give a code for either PDCON15, Mega Clover or Mega Sydney mask to everyone to participates.

The tournament will be split in 5 stages, each of 5 heists/jobs. These will only be announced at the beginning of each stage and won't repeat themselves throughout the tournament. Only officially stealthable missions will be included. A set of rules to be followed will be included in the announcements, alongside the ranking/score system used. Each stage will eliminate a number of players, which will result in the final stage to be played only by the finalists. Each stage will require eiher a first person video footage or a live performance with me in the lobby.

Main Rule #1: You may NOT use any mission facilitating HUD elements or scripts such as drill timers, # of cops in the map, pager counters/modifiers, keycard/etc outliners, etc. If unsure, run the vanilla HUD.

Rule #2: You must use the same skill+perk build to complete ALL stages. Weapons and deployables can be altered according to the mission, though.

There is no infamy/level requirement to enter, however you must be able to host them if the stage rules state so.

To enter this tournament you must email with:
  • Your Steam ID64
  • Your build (PD2Tools link required)

The deadline to enter is Sunday, May 14th.


Suggestions and questions are welcome, however I do have most of it already planned on my mind -- don't take it personally if ignore your ideas.

Have a good one!

Flaming Point Contest
Flaming Point

Guys, bad news. The Russians have sneaked into our Safe House and stolen our gear.

Not everything is lost though; they forgot to check the flammable storage lockers (or maybe they were too scared to do it?).

Anyway, they must have taken our gear to their compound buried in the snow mountains, which is commonly known as Boiling Point.

So, what do you say we boil them to justice and get our stuff back?


Prize: Gage Russian Pack DLC codes.
The team that holds the highest score by the end of the contest wins.

Official thread:

Winners will be announced on Monday, April 10.

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Blue Screen of Death Dec 17, 2016 @ 8:47am 
The LUA code wasn't available until a few hours ago. I'll update the site within 24 hours, hopefully within the next 12 hours.
The Thin White Duke Dec 15, 2016 @ 1:42am 
When are you going to add the Kingpin perk ?
[82DK]NewRecruit Oct 21, 2016 @ 9:27pm 
Recently found your website...
You're what PD2skills was supposed to be!
I'll be sure to find spare cash to donate to your website cause holy shit is it amazing.
Shadow Mar 28, 2016 @ 4:06pm 
use normal font pls

much love from a big fan
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January 19, 2016