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February 1, 2013
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Reviewed Aug 11, 2017
"I lost track of time while playing, that’s how much fun I had with West of Loathing. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any RPG fan, especially if you’re looking for something with a sense of humor."
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Reviewed Jul 5, 2017
"Kelsey says: Another great Hercules game! More challenging than I-IV."
Reviewed Jul 5, 2017
"Kelsey says: Another fun game in this casual time management series. Pretty levels and music. If you liked previous entries, you'll like this one too."
Reviewed Jul 2, 2017
"Kelsey says: RPG with a compelling story and no combat - it's all about your choices. You get to play from the perspective of many different characters as well. Unique for the genre!"
Reviewed Jan 1, 2017
"Kelsey says: This is a short, beautiful, relaxing platformer. The music is wonderful and the whole feeling/mood is very positive."
Reviewed Nov 19, 2016
"Kelsey says: the EE made it possible for me to finish the original Baldur's Gate after 13 years of attempts. I still prefer BGII though."
Reviewed Aug 24, 2016
"Kelsey says: I love Picross, and if you want to play on your computer, you can't go wrong with this! Being able to pick your interface color is nice."
Reviewed Aug 14, 2016
"Kelsey says: I really loved this game about family and difficult choices. Extremely moving and emotional experience."
Reviewed Aug 14, 2016
"Kelsey says: This is a really cool concept. Play it before reading anything about it, it's very short and free!"
Reviewed Aug 7, 2016
"Kelsey says: Cute visual novel with great art and music. You can choose your appearance and your pronoun, including they/them. Plus: CATS! [Kickstarted]"
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