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Multi Theft Auto

This is an official Multi Theft Auto group on the Steam Community.

What is Multi Theft Auto?

Multi Theft Auto (MTA) is an open-source software project that adds full on-line gaming support to Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC game, in which this functionality is not originally found. It is the first open-source modification that adds a highly customizable network play element to a commercial closed-source single-player PC game.

Developed as an experimental piece of software initially for Grand Theft Auto 3 back in early 2003, Multi Theft Auto has become an advanced multiplayer platform for gamers and developers. Our software provides on-line gaming for dozens of players running user-generated gameplay content and scripts through a Lua virtual machine, and is freely distributed under the GPLv3 license.

It is worth noting that no original game files are modified in the process, so you can still play the single player mode just as you have.

Current stable release: MTA:SA 1.5.3

This version was originally released on 20th of October, 2016. There were subsequent updates to it posted every other week or so.

Installation instructions

MTA:SA works fine with the Steam version of GTA:SA.
Make sure that GTA:SA is installed, then just download the latest version of the mod from our website and install it. This is it, you are set and you can hop into the game right away.

See below for a link to our website.

Don't own the game yet? You can buy it from Steam:

A bunch of friendly reminders

Posting Free Games or Keys offers, Steam/CSGO/TF2/etc. Trading offers, asking for rep, reflinks or similar advertisements will not be tolerated.
Such posts will be removed on sight. In addition, repeat offenders will be reported to Valve.


Non-English posts in the Comments section below may be removed on sight.


We are fine with your MTA server advertisements, but please post them in the Server Advertisements section in Discussions.


You can ask for support with MTA:SA in Comments or Discussion sections, but you will most likely receive a reply more quicker if you ask on our own support forums.[]

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[2016] A Year in Recap and Season Greetings

A bunch of interesting MTA:SA-related YouTube videos from this year

Current player counts and version fragmentation statistics

TypeAmount of playersDate / Time
Recent peak number of concurrent unique players27111 players2016.12.23 (at 17.30 GMT)
Highest recorded number of concurrent unique players27111 players2016.12.23 (at 17:30 GMT)
Recent number of daily unique players124981 players2016.12.23 (Friday)
Highest recorded number of daily unique players142785 players2016.09.04 (Sunday)
Recent number of monthly unique players554757 playersNovember, 2016
Highest recorded number of monthly unique players626167 playersAugust, 2016

Yes, to our surprise, there was a new concurrent unique player count record set literally on the day we were gathering these stats for you.

MTA:SA Version or seriesPercentage of players using that version or series as of 23rd of December, 2016
1.0.x + 1.1.x + 1.2.x0.07%

It looks like more people decided to use newer versions of the mod than the last year[].


As for the future, we have been working on the next release, which will contain mostly bugfixes and compatibility tweaks. However, we did some work on new features as well, such as Custom Train Tracks, which we hope to be finished soon.

We also want to look into improving streaming, raising the limits and making it possible to add new IDs for things, but this will be tricky. Nonetheless, it would be great to see those features working in MTA:SA one day, as they would allow server owners to eg. use bigger and better custom maps with new vehicles which would all work correctly for players.

That's it for now.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2017 from the MTA Team!

(you can find the original post here: )

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 released!
  • Added support for German Steam version of GTA:SA (thanks to Lakota, Mario and @Sh4dowReturns for feedback)
  • Improved streaming of low LOD objects and increased limits
  • Multiple popular crashes were fixed
  • Code cleanups and improved internal error logging
  • MTA:SA will now try to use the native screen resolution when first launched
  • Fixed desktop resolution when minimizing with fullscreen borderless window mode
  • Added client resource files path info to Advanced tab in Options window
  • Added icon for Windows server executable and digitally signed the CEFLauncher executable
  • New scripting functions: canBrowserNavigateBack(), canBrowserNavigateForward(), navigateBrowserBack(), navigateBrowserForward() and reloadBrowserPage() (developed by mabako); createTrayNotification() and isTrayNotificationEnabled() (developed by Necktrox); also resizeBrowser(), fileGetPath(), setVehicleWindowOpen() and more...
  • Tweaks to dbQuery()/dbExec(), fileRead(), addDebugHook() and more...
  • Fixed setBrowserAudio() not muting the sound correctly on some websites e.g. YouTube
  • Fixed setCameraTarget() calculation (thanks to lex128)
  • setVehiclePlateText() now works with any kind of vehicle, including motorbikes (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Added blend parameter for setPedAnimation() (thanks to lex128)
  • Added support for objects and weapons in ped damage events (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Water elements are now limited to a specific dimension
  • Fixed sniper scope disappearing after killing a ped (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Fixed MTA sometimes not loading custom textures
  • Fixed MTA slowly updating position of attached elements
  • Security and performance tweaks for CEF
  • Fixed CEF popups (e.g. <select> boxes) not being rendered correctly
  • Added option to block server admins who login with an unrecognized serial
  • Added duplicate log line filter for script debugging
  • Fixed a connecting player being able to block resources from starting
  • Tweaked logic of client resource file validation
  • Added server logging for redirectPlayer
  • Tweaks for admin, missiontimer, race, runcode and webbrowser resources (thanks to Dutchman101, Einheit-101 and PhrozenByte)
  • Added map backups for Map Editor and changed its default fps limiter setting value from 36 to 50 (thanks to AleksCore for the latter)
  • Removed the no longer needed VS2008 redist package from the installer
  • ...and much more!

A complete list of changes can be found here[] (recommended read) and here[] (incomplete, from r7816 upwards).
List of changes to the resource pack can be found here[] (starting from and including Feb 18, 2016 upwards).

Please be advised that UltraThing and older versions of ENB series mods are blocked in MTA:SA 1.5.3 due to their incompatibility with the MTA:SA web browser components.
  • If you want to use ENB mod in 1.5.3, please update it to a newer version if your current one does not work.
  • If, on the other hand, you want to use UltraThing mod in 1.5.3, you will not be able to do it anymore - sorry for that just like above - please update it to a newer version (v0.29 or above).

This version is backwards compatible with our older 1.5 releases, but we still encourage everyone to update their clients and servers ASAP to ensure, that they benefit from bugfixes, security updates for CEF, performance tweaks or other improvements.

Want to play MTA:SA 1.5.3? Click here[] to download the build for Win 7+.

Looking for a legacy build for XP/Vista? You can download it here[].

Or you can click here[] to go to our home page. Once there, click the Download button at the top center of the page, then choose your build and you are set.
Linux server packages are also available[].

We would like to thank the following community members for their contributions to the MTA:SA source code, resources or feedback for this release:

Aboshanab, AleksCore, braydondavis, Dutchman101, Einheit-101, Lakota, lex128, lopezloo, mabako, Mario, Necktrox, PhrozenByte, qaisjp, rafalh, @Sh4dowReturns, zneext

(Have you contributed to MTA:SA 1.5.3's or 1.6's source code/resources pack but were not mentioned in the above list? PM jhxp with a link to your contribution and you will be added)

We hope that you will enjoy this release. Also, please keep in mind that if you encounter a bug or a problem which was not present in previous versions, you can report it to our bugtracker[].

--MTA Team

(you can find the original post here[])

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