March 9, 2016
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Beta Feedback and Suggestions

For the foreseeable future I'll be working full time on So there will be a lot of changes coming, please leave any suggestions in this thread.
Premium will slowly be removed in the beta version and the features made free, there will be no more ads on the site, it will be financed by a tradebot.

changelog will be updated here:

Ordered Todo:
- [DONE] enable beta access for everyone
- [DONE] fill database with new items, make them appear there instantly after a screenshot is taken
- [DONE] get tradebot back up, fix number limits
- tradebot screenshots
- fix glove rotation on screenshot, enable glove screenshots
- custom rotation creation for logged in users on the beta site
- search for stickers
- check skin status
- order by float
- tradehistory for users
- balance (later on, first I want to get the basics right, and the fees are small enough for it to work as is)
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Taca Oct 1 @ 12:51pm 
set trade link isn't working :D
It says to me always "Socket Status: Connecting..." and nothing happens (it doesnt load the bots neither mine inv) - tried it several times
metjm Oct 4 @ 5:34am 
Hey, yes sorry about that. I'm fixing a couple of things, it will be back soon
Some cool suggestions to add when you will fix/complete the website:
  • Search for stickers on items
  • Change currency (€, $, £)
  • Check skin status (something like this[] or this[])
  • Price difference in trades could be added to personal account balance
  • Order by float and most recent
  • Check Trade history
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is it true that the trade bot isn't working?
Please add skin status this would be really helpful :)
metjm Oct 4 @ 10:34am 
@Gir, yes, its offline right now because I'm fixing an issue. It will be back online later tonight

Thank you guys for the suggestions, I added the ones I plan on doing to the todo list. Only thing I'm not yet sure about is the currency thing.
This is awesome!
Hyped :)
What awesome news!

So, will API be enable for everyone?
What news the dev team can expect from this new era on metjim?

Good luck! If you need some help, call me
is it currently working? it doesn't load skins atm.
Andrew Oct 4 @ 10:34pm 
I had a trade site with 2% fees and I did lose on every trade. Are you sure you can set REALLY accurate prices?
metjm Oct 5 @ 3:17am 
We'll see. If it doesn't work I'll adjust the fees.
Metjm Best site for trade and Screen shots skins.
I'm logged in and it says socket status connected but the site has never loaded my inventory. I can see the bot's inventory fine but not my own to make any trades.
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