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Meet The Stats
April 9, 2012
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Changes to applied Strange Parts/paint values
  • Wear graphs on stats pages are now only shown if the item in question can have a wear.
  • Removed all prices for non-tradable items (Valve made it impossible to gift wrap non-tradable items and instead made some items like the Treasure Hat always tradable, so these no longer have any value)
  • CSGO: removed stock items from quicksearch
  • Added a new donation tier, Awesome++ MVP ($35)
  • Fix 'Sort by Effect Name' on an unusual's overview page.
  • Fixed calculator (again)
  • The save button on the settings page no longer triggers a refresh, and tabs can be linked to
  • Added 'My Listings' link to the user dropdown
  • Minor improvements to IGetPrices API (see docs)
  • Fix granting 3 hour auto bump to those who donated any amount (requires $5 as mentioned on the donation page now) - this is a bug, the perk was supposed to only be available to $5 donators
  • Fix 'Original' always showing in premium search if not premium
  • Keys must now be tradable (not on cooldown / 'Tradable after') in order to count towards the currency requirement for buy orders
  • New particle images for unusual weapon effects and 2016 unusual effects made by rafiozol
  • Updated some unusual short names (such as 'disco' -> 'dbd')
  • Quick links to item listings added to item popovers
  • Your listings (and shop link) are now shown on your user profile
  • Fixed Markdown feature not including strange parts
  • The high-end in the suggestion ui is no longer always automatically updated with the low-end. Now if requires the new low-end to be greater than the previously entered high-end.
  • Festivized now shown on item popovers, added festive images for non-skins. Festivized skins now show a lightbulb (it's not feasible for us to somehow collect festivized images for every skin in every wear value - this might change if Valve makes things easier on us)
  • Added Classifieds API (currently in Labs, v0 - see the forum thread in the Labs forum)
  • Added 'Unusual' and 'Effect' links to item popovers if the item in question is Unusual, linking to the respective index.
  • Improved scrolling smoothness on backpack pages by getting rid of shadows.
  • Added Classifieds auto-fill price and message options, see Settings -> Classifieds
  • Fixed quicksearch being really slow
  • Fixed Tough Break weapon cases not linking to the community price when using quicksearch
  • Fixed Killstreak HHH not using market price
  • Rep gained for a passed unusual suggestion increased to 25, from 10 (other qualities are still 10).
  • Random unpriced and random outdated unusual links added to
  • Replaced panel text with buttons
  • Fixed not being able to create a suggestion for the same item with a different craftability if you had one open that was the other craftability (e.g. Craftable/Non-Craftable Name Tag)
  • Removed previous suggestions/votes from user pages, instead there is a button in the Contribution Accuracy panel linking to the pages that provide the same information.

The Bugfix Update

  • Many 500 Internal Server Errors fixed site-wide
  • Fixed the calculator
  • TF2 navbar search is a bit better, still not entirely fixed however
  • Can no longer create buy orders for items that don't exist
  • Can no longer create buy orders for the Random Craft Hat blanket
  • Fixed level borders (and added levels 600-1300)
  • Fixed Tag button being shown on other people's backpacks
  • Fixed Particle Distribution being shown on all stats pages
  • Fixed Wear Distribution being shown on all stats pages
  • Fixed crates having a broken market link on stats pages
  • Fixed community prices not being shown on stats pages
  • Fixed broken 'view newer suggestion' link
  • Fixed past suggestions for uncraftable items not being shown
  • Fixed not being able to sort by effect name on the effects index
  • Fixed IGetPrices 'since' parameter
  • Fixed wrong links to other wear variants on the market on stats pages for decorated weapons

  • Removed TF2WH prices
  • We now reward users with 1 additional classifieds slot (stacks with premium) per 10 accepted unusual suggestions. This is likely to change in the future, just an idea for now.
  • You can now have up to 100 suggestions open at 54 suggestions accepted. By default you can only have 20 open, increasing by 1.5 per suggestion accepted. Before the cap was always 50 suggestions open.
  • Random Craft Hat's stats page only shows unique hats now:
  • We now accept more csgo keys as premium payment
  • You can now donate Tour of Duty Tickets and Max's Severed Heads

More coming soon! Found a problem or have a suggestion? Use our issue tracker[].

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April 9, 2012