High Octane Racing League HOCRL
High Octane Racing League HOCRL
July 7, 2016
ABOUT High Octane Racing League

Stockcar Ovals Series

High Octane Racing League will be hosting a series of races on Friday nights. The purpose of the series will be to introduce/assist new/rookie drivers into the Rfactor 2 Stockcar sim. Please read our rules prior to participating in any events.

About Us

We are a group of senior men, who for the most of us, this is as close as we are going to get to driving a race car. We are respectful and clean drivers and expect new drivers to do the same. We believe the game should be fun for everyone and try to provide a fair and even playing field for everyone to enjoy.

Our History

High Octane Racing League was founded in 2001 by Steve Fries, we lost Steve in 2011 due to Cancer, but his memory lives on. High Octane Racing League was established in 2001 and ran Papyrus sims until2009 whenwe switched to rfactor Stockcar Evolution and finally Rfactor 2 Stockcars. High Octane is a league that prides itself in of fair and somewhat seriuos competition with a group of drivers that are fast but very clean and respectful. The Core group of experienced drivers run with us every Friday Night and are willing to lend us their expertise on setting up the car, to driving habits and general Rfactor 2 problems.

Our Format

We will be running a series of races maybe 3 races 2 short races of 20-30 laps and a race of 50-70 laps, the last race being a points race contributing to an overall series championship. The short races will give you a change to get accustomed to the car and how it drives, practice pit stops, figure out fuel mileage, etc., to help prepare for the final points race. All of our races are fixed setup, so if your new to the mod and like oval track racing, but aren't quite fimiliar with setting up the car, don't worry already taken care of and we have driving coaches willing to lend a hand.


We encourage drivers to join us on Teamspeak Address pw=scsr,
Participation on teamspeak is mandatory for the final race, you don't need to speak if you choose not to, but you must be able to hear the other drivers and the Driver's Meeting.
So please come out and join us for this fun series, I would expect to see some good racing and close finishes.
HORL announces Spring Seasn 2017
New Series Coming soon...
HORL Saturday Night Thunder

Our Mission/Goals

We are an invite only series, formed on the idea, that if we could have a group of drivers with the same attitude towards racing and get together, for one night a week to have a race that was free from unnecessary cautions, with respectful clean drivers, all having the same attitude; running clean, saving the car, working on pit stragety and being in position to win at the end. Our goal is to provide the same, a place to race for those of us who are a looking for 'serious fun', being able to run our own style of race to see who comes out on top at the end.

Our Motto

First I must finish, then I'll worry about winning.

Server Info

Server Name:
Mod Name: HORL Saturday Night Thunder
Server Times: Practice Starts @ 8:30 pm EST
Qualify Starts @ 9:30 pm EST
Drivers Meeting @ 9:35 pm EST
Warm-up @ 9:40 pm EST
Race Starts @ 9:45 pm EST

Season Schedule:
Daytona Saturday February 25, 2017
Atlanta Saturday March 5, 2017 (Mountain Peaks Sub)
Las Vegas Saturday March 12, 2017
Pheonix Saturday March 19, 2017
California Saturday March 26, 2017
Martinsville Saturday April 01, 2017 (Road America Sub)
Texas Saturday April 08, 2017
Bristol Saturday April 22, 2017 (Watkins Glen Sub)
Richmond Saturday April 29, 2017
Talladega Saturday May 6, 2017
Kansas Saturday May 13, 2017
Showdown Saturday May 20, 2017 (Weekend Special Event TBA)
Charlotte Saturday May 27, 2017

Invite Only Series

The things We will be looking at to select drivers for invite are;

Tenure here at SCSR
Driving habits - Car Control, Agressiveness/Attentiveness, Cautions caused (directly on indirectly)
Participation level - How often you run here at SCSR
SCSR Points Manager Driver Rating
Internet Connection - you must be able to maintain a ping of 150ms or less

Semi-Fixed Setups

Practice will be fixed setup
Server will be reset just prior to qualifying, fixed setups dropped
after reset we go straight to Qualify
Warmup and Race will be open setup (all pitroad changes will be accessible, drivers can make changes to the setup at these times only)

Server Settings

50% races approx 125 laps
Full flags/75% damage
Green Surface for practice, naturally progressing
Partial Clouds/75f
12 race season (drop worst 2)

Miss more than 3 races in a row your dropped from series, will have to wait for new season to start.
Waiting list for those wishing to join, as drivers leave/get dropped new Drivers will be invited to join the series.
Nb: Once daylight savings times kick in March we may have to adjust the start time to allow sufficient time between the ARAIG races and our race start time.
There will be one restart for dropped drivers and no race restarts. Drivers are encouraged to watch their driving habits, as they can be uninvited as easily as they were invited.
To qualify for the series the driver must be in the top 25 in the SCSR Points Manager Rating, or a founding member of SCSR and must be approved by the league admin.

[u0Additional Rules:[/u]

2 Caution Rule in effect - if you cause 2 cautions, please park it for tonight, try again next week.
Drivers Take Responsibility - If you cause a caution claim responsibility for it, all races will be reviewed, if you caused a caution and did not claim it, you will be deducted 1 lap from the results.
EOL penalty for causing caution - if you cause a caution, you will be asked to drive down pit road under the 'One to go' and take your position at the end of the field.
All other HORL Rules remain in effect.
Admin Decision is Final.

Nodrepus 13 hours ago 
New season started off this weekend with some grest racing on Fridaty and Saturday nights with 20+ both Nights ongrstulations to 3 Phillip Stocks Friday bights Winnwe and 85 Tom mcKeever winner on Saturday night. Come out and join us next week at Moutain Peak
Nodrepus Jan 31 @ 12:46am 
Hey all, anyone who didn't make it out to the race on Saturday missed a good one. 267 laps, first caution lap 206, only 1 caution all race, lots of different pit stragetys and fun. Great driving by everyone, cant wait until the next race.
Nodrepus Dec 2, 2016 @ 10:32am 
STEVE FRIES 200 Qualifying tonight 9pm EST, Hope to see ya there
Nodrepus Nov 29, 2016 @ 4:51pm 
Hi all Just a reminder the Steve Fries 200 only a couple days away now, Qualifying Friday ar 9pm EST Hi,
Nodrepus Nov 21, 2016 @ 8:45pm 
Steve Fries 200 is only little over a week away, gonna be fun struff, don't forget to set your calander
Nodrepus Nov 4, 2016 @ 3:06pm 
look for some great side by side racing tonight a StockCarSimRacing Fri, multiple races at Texas, come out and join us for some fun racing, practice starts at 8pm EDT
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July 7, 2016
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