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Gaming Until End Gaming UE
July 30, 2016
ABOUT Gaming Until End

Gaming, Guides, Fun,Greenlight, Giveaways!

It doesn´t matter which game you play, which language you speak, everybody is welcome in the Gaming Until End Community.
Short Story Long:

  1. This group Promotes green light games (Not more than 1 Greenlight announcement game every day happens on Monday-Friday )
  2. We do Giveaways (Only happen on Friday-Sunday)
  3. Has active,funny,gaming community!
  4. We will be doing gaming Fridays after we reach 1000 Members!
Feel free to use our tag: Gaming UE


Originally posted by author:
»» Do not advertise anywhere in the group without asking an admin for permission to do that. Steamgifts and link are allowed if they do not include advertisements in them. This includes inviting people to join other groups. The severity of the ban depends on what was the reason behind the advertisement. If you wish to advertise a green light game or similar, please contact the owner of the group then: HellCow
»» Don't be rude, try to be a nice person to everyone.
»» Do not over spam the comments section or discussions.
»» Bots will automatically get banned permanently.
»» Do not attempt to ask for +rep or -rep for you.
»» Don't beg for any kind of items.
»» Trading is allowed. However, it must be done only in the trading sub-forum of our discussion page

  • 500 Members. (18.11.2016)
  • 1000 Members. (06.12.2016)
  • 2000 Members. (14.1.2017) Started Currator
  • 5000 Members.
  • 10000 Members.


1. Here is the link to join our discord server:
Ways to help us out

  • Add some friends to this group so we can get to the milestones! Do this by following this process: Invite friends (Top right of this page) -> All -> Invite
  • Set this as your main group! Do this by following this process: Your profile -> My groups -> Choose the main group -> Gaming Until End
Here are all The Ban durrations>>> Ban durations Info
Click here see banned people
GiveAway: 4x Action Alien
How To join the giveaway?
  • Invite All of your friends to our group
  • Comment down below "EveryoneIsSpecial"
  • Be part of Gaming Until End group
The 4 winners will be chosen after 48 hours /OR/ when this announcement reaches 50 comments.
We will use random number generator so you don't think this is fake!
Remember if you do not invite all of your friends to the group you won't get the chance to participate so that means if you only commented down below and didn't invite friends but the random generator generated your comment number we will choose another one. Everyone can see the groups history who has invite people down below Here:
Here is tutorial How to invite all of your friends! :

Greenlight's game: The Reckon
Promo pack:
Description: Go to the game, vote and comment "Gaming Until End"

Steam Workshop: Greenlight. The Reckon is a first person action game with a story.

You take the role of Carlos Romero , a former soldier which lives in a village somewhere in the Zulian region in Venezuela. One day the loc[/quote]

Gaming Until End reviews
"“We are Gaming Until End! We recommend all type of games, new or old as long as it gives enjoyment to us the Testers <3!”"
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Displacement Studios 17 hours ago 
my giveaway is closed :D
Pony Lasers 17 hours ago 
He is +3
[46thϟϟ] Starbuck 17 hours ago 
The first one to message me after 7 PM GMT tomorrow will get the prize! You have 23 hours left to add me!!
Displacement Studios 18 hours ago 
second place is still open!
Displacement Studios 18 hours ago 
Gamerwarrior won the first price; second place is another copy of defy gravity :P
Gamerwarrior 18 hours ago