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Embervale Guild Charter
Embervale Guild Charter


Who We Are

Embervale is a World of Warcraft social guild on Hellscream-US Alliance for adults age 21+. We officially opened our doors in February of 2015 and have since grown into a fun, active group of players who enjoy all games. We're all about community, and we put our players, rather than their performance, first. Our goal is to have a fun, no pressure atmosphere where everyone can enjoy gaming together regardless of background or skill. It is not our aim to be a large guild, but to instead be a close-knit group of players that values friendship above all else.


Other Games

We understand that not everyone plays World of Warcraft between expansions and major content patches and that our members enjoy playing other games. We’re a community of social gamers who not only play WoW together, but who will keep in touch and play many games together. Besides World of Warcraft, our members actively play a variety of games such as Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3.

While our main game focus is WoW, we know how important variety can be to keep things interesting. Instead of having all guild members share BattleTags or Real IDs we strongly encourage guild members to utilize Mumble when playing other games to promote social interaction and group play.



Real life comes first. No one should ever feel like playing games is an obligation or a job, regardless of rank. Embervale will not pressure anyone to maintain a gaming schedule or attend events. All members should play when they want without feeling pressured to have to put in a certain amount of activity with the guild.

We aim to provide a friendly and inclusive environment for all our members. We founded Embervale to be a welcoming place for everyone and therefore racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful, bigoted, and intolerant language are not welcome here. Be respectful of your guildmates and other players. Trash talking, trolling/counter-trolling, or any other negative interaction with guildmates and general players, including public chats and forums, is not acceptable.


Guild Structure

Departing from common norms, our guild doesn't have a traditional guild leadership. Instead of a single Guild Master, we simply have one council of officers who all share the same responsibilities. While a traditional guild structure has its place, we don't feel it is the best leadership style for Embervale. The guild belongs to every member, and we feel that every officer should have an equal say in everything we do. While we need to have a 'Guild Master' set in game for guild administration purposes, we believe that none of our officers are more important than the rest.

Above all, our gaming experiences should remain enjoyable and provide a positive environment for everyone. Our officers are here to help out when they can but individual tasks and duties may be shared to prevent it feeling like a job. We're all here to have fun together!



Embervale utilizes the Mumble software for guild voice chat and it is available for use by all members and recruits. For connection and channel details, see this thread (link?).

Mumble is meant to be our primary means of guild social interaction as current Blizzard in-game chat does not cross games easily. While mumble is not “required” for Embervale members we *highly* recommend it and request that if you are playing any game outside of World of Warcraft that you are on Mumble.

Additionally, we use mumble during guild meetings or while running dungeons, raids, or PVP. Please feel free to utilize mumble as you see fit, room requests and questions should be directed to an officer.

Mumble, or any guild voice chat is also subject to all the same guidelines as in-game chat. Mumble chat rooms indicated with the (E) mark are considered Explicit - these rooms allow for some profanity and adult content within reason.


Guild Recruitment

Embervale is an open, welcoming environment for players of all levels and experience. We accept brand-new gamers to WoW the same as we accept vanilla veterans. In Embervale, our aim is never to boost numbers; we aim for quality, not quantity in our roster. That being said, we rarely will go out searching for additions, we believe that the type of player we are looking for will find us through postings on the official forums, reddit, or through referrals from current members.

All recruits go through the same process regardless of whether they are a "cold call" applicant or a referral from a member or officer. All those interested must submit an application on the guild website. We take this application fairly seriously, and while we do not expect a novel, we do ask that applicants put some effort into it. The application is followed by a brief interview with at least one member of the guild’s leadership. Our interview process is very casual and may be completed in-game, via mumble, or on the website.

After a successful interview, each applicant will be invited for a two week trial/probation period. During this time, the applicant may partake in any guild events they choose, invite any alts, etc. The only privilege restricted for new members during their trial is Guild Bank access. The purpose of this trial period is for the applicant to become more familiar with the guild as a whole and to ensure that they are a good fit with Embervale's values. We ask that applicants make an attempt to log in regularly during this period, but a trial may be extended if life circumstances make this difficult.

After the trial period is completed, the applicant will be promoted to full "Citizen" status barring any concerns. If the officer council feels that the applicant is not a good fit before the end of the trial period, the applicant may be removed from the guild and the application rejected.


Guild Ranks

Inactive: This is reserved for players who have not logged on in a 30 day time period or have notified the officers that they will be away from game for an extended period. Members are never removed for being unable to play but alts may be removed to cut down on clutter - they will gladly be brought in on the player’s return.

Newcomer: A new recruit who is still on their two week trial period.

Citizen: A full member of the guild.

Consul: Denotes a member of the leadership team. While a GM rank must exist, all players with this title hold equal guild standing and any may be approached for any questions or concerns a member may have.


WoW Guild Bank

To help keep the guild bank organized, tabs are withdraw only with one designated tab for deposits. Members are encouraged to donate materials and items to the guild bank, but there are absolutely no obligations to do so. If you are unsure if an item will be valuable to the guild please reach out to an officer.

Tabs may get full on occasion depending on the number of items deposited. Should this happen, some items, but not WoD epics, will be vendored or auctioned at the discretion of our officers. Any profit from these items will be deposited back into the guild bank to use for event prizes and repairs.

Tab 1 - Bags: This tab has bags for newcomers or alts to the guild that need a little extra inventory space. This tab is accessible to members with the Newcomer rank.

Tab 2 - Antique Items: This tab contains items and crafting mats from pre-Draenor zones that might help those wanting to level professions or if someone needs an item upgrade as they level.

Tab 3 - Draenor Mats: This tab contains all WoD crafting mats.

Tab 4 - Draenor Items: WoD Consumables and BoE items.

Note: Be mindful of which gems or enchantments you remove from this tab. Please do not pull high-level gems or enchantments from the bank with the intention of using it on “temporary.” While some enchantments do scale with level, it is preferred that expensive enchantments from the WoD tab are not used on characters below level 100.

Tab 5 - Collectibles: Random pets, toys, etc.

Note: Please take from this tab responsibly. Do not take duplicates of pets you already have or have already withdrawn from the guild bank - doing so takes the chance from other guild members who may also want that pet.

Tab 6 - Special: Items for prize giveaways and Draenor epics available by request.

Note: There are crafted epics and 655+ ilvl items in this tab that are free for anyone who may need or want them. Any officer can pull these items out of the bank upon request. However, for 665s especially, please make sure it is an item suitable for your specialization (and stat priority) and something you won't end up replacing within a few weeks.

Tab 7 - Deposit Box: All deposits should be made here for organization.

Note: Please do not deposit green quality weapons, armor, or lockboxes.


Guild WoW Leveling Groups & At-Level Raiding

One of Embervale’s largest ongoing organized events that runs regularly are our guild leveling groups. In these groups, players join together in a set group of 5 with the intent to level together via dungeons or other group activities. As these groups progress and hit milestones**, they merge together to tackle old raids at level appropriate to the original content (60, 70, 80, etc). While the stat squish has made the majority of these raids easier than before, we are still looking forward to experiencing them as a guild. Our most ambitious goal is to eventually tackle the Herald of the Titans achievement in Ulduar.

**As of May 2015 the majority of these groups are approaching level 60.


WoW Raiding

"We are not, and never will be, a raiding guild."

With that context we do understand that raiding can be a compelling,challenging, and rewarding activity to undertake with guildmates. For those that are interested we currently offer a guild FLEX(Normal) raiding schedule, it is not the main emphasis of who we are. Embervale will remain a social guild that raids for fun. We view raiding as a supplement to our community, not its core. We maintain no set team, no set roles, and no requirements. In short: if you want to raid, we will find a place for you, no matter your experience or iLevel. We also rotate roles so that everyone has an opportunity to play the sort of character they want. We understand that this sort of style of raiding may not fit everyone and players who are looking for a more standard raiding experience are encouraged to use cross-realm raiding and opportunities such as OpenRaid while still calling Embervale their home.

Emphasis is placed on making sure everyone has fun in Embervale raids. Our view is that no matter what - this is just a game and no one should be belittled because of their raiding skill. Constructive criticism and helping one another, especially those asking for help, is acceptable and encouraged. General meanness will not be tolerated, violators of this rule may be asked to not participate in future raids or removed from the guild entirely. If there is a concern surrounding another player’s actions or performance and it cannot be addressed comfortably please talk to the raid leader directly.


Guild Meetings

Each month, Embervale will host an all guild meeting. Members and recruits are highly encouraged to attend either on mumble, in-game, or both. The purpose of the meeting is sharing the state of the guild, opening the floor to everyone for comments, and any questions or discussion topics. The meeting is an open forum for everyone to review the previous months shenanigans and plan for the next batch of crazy fun times!

The meeting is not “strictly business.” While the talking is going on, folks in-game often take the opportunity to show off their latest transmog, cute battle pets and toys, or whatever randomness they have in their bags. After the meeting is adjourned, we try to launch into a fun activity for those who can stick around.

If anyone wishes to propose a topic for consideration at the meeting ahead of time, please contact an officer and we'll be sure it gets addressed!



Embervale is proud to offer a community forum for all members and recruits to enjoy. The forums are here to foster communication and community. It is never mandatory to post if you don't wish to do so, but of course you are highly encouraged to participate to better get to know your fellow guildies. Lurking is also perfectly acceptable.

Each forum has a description of the kind of posts that belong there. Please try to keep threads in the right place, or if you have a question about where something should go just feel free to ask an officer.

One forum you may wish to keep an eye on is the Guild News forum, where important guild announcements are made. If there is ever a crucial announcement that we'd like everyone to read, we will post a note in the Guild Message of the Day to please check here for more info.

Please remember that all forum communication is subject to the same guidelines as in-game chat. Be respectful of your guildies and have fun!
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