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February 3, 2015
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★ - ★ Short FAQ - Q&A - Fix for errors - Clues for CS:GORoll ★ - ★
★★★★★★ ---> In this discussion thread you'll be able to find many important information about csgoroll. You'll find answers on questions, fix for errors and much much more. If you're struggling with something, this thread will for sure be very helpful <--- ★★★★★★

List of questions:
-★- 1) Promo-code
-★- 2) Is site working on mobile devices
-★- 3) How to create promo code
-★- 4) Provably Fair
-★- 5) Items aren't showing in the inventory page
-★- 6) Sponsorship
-★- 7) Coins are gone, but trade offer didn't arrived
-★- 8) Little about asking for coins
-★- 9) Referral code, how to collect earnings
-★- 10) How to send coins to someone

---------- -★- ------------

-★- 11) Can't log in, site is throwing me out
-★- 12) Can i insta withdraw after depositing
-★- 13) Missing payouts
-★- 14) Network error 0
-★- 15) 30 second error while withdrawing or depositing

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -★ Basics about csgoroll - SECTION 1 ★ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1) ★ How to apply promo-code and where to find those codes? ★

-- At the left top of the site, you'll find big green button which is saying "Free Coins!", there you can type any promo-code. Remember that every single promo-code will give you 0.50$ to bet for. You can find codes on youtube, by searching for "CSGOROLL", and i'm sure many of them will appear.
If you can't find it, click on the picture :

2) ★ Can i use this site on mobile devices? ★

-- We're not done with this function yet, the chat will cover the whole screen and it cannot be turned off, you can only PAUSE chat. We'll for sure add this option in future. Right now site doesn't support mobile devices.

3) ★ How many times can i apply promo-code and claim free 0.5$? Or how to make such code? ★

-- Code can be applied only once. There is one rule : If your account is over 24 hours old, you can't claim a registration referral code.

-- If you want to create referral code- go to "Affilliates", you can find this button beside chat. "1 dollar bill There you'll be able to create one to refer users and earn commissions from their real coins bets.

If you can't find it, click on picture:

4) ★ Is this site rigged, and when i go high on crash it always insta crashes? ★

-- No that's not true. Crash, roulette and dice is completely random, controlled by a computer. It means that no once can click to choose a color, or choose % of the crash.

-- We do have our Probably Fair on site, and it approves that site is not rigged at all. Every comments like rigged, bs or scam site will be muted. Crash can always go high no matter how much money you put in, remember that!

You can find "Provably Fair" button right above Roulette.

If you can't find it, click on the picture" :

5) ★ Why my items aren't showing in my inventory? Trade cooldown? ★

-- The main reason is very simple. They are not accepted by our site due to price etc. We'll make a list of deposit-able items soon. If you want to be 100% sure which item is deposit-able check the withdraw page.

-- If you're planning to deposit items bought from marketplace on steam, forget it. Every item bought on steam has 7 days cooldown, and it won't let you deposit it. The best way to avoid trade cooldown is, to buy skins from opskins or bitskins. I'am 100% that theirs items have no cooldown and are deposit-able all the time.

6) ★ How to get sponsored by site, what do i need? ★

-- You need youtube channel, and site is only considering channels that get 5k+ views per video. If you want to be sponsored you can DM @csgoroll on Twitter group. Or contact support.

7) ★ No coins came after deposit, or money were taken but offer didn't come? ★

-- Deposit: Sometimes it takes a little longer to get your coins after depositing items. Normally it takes from 2-10 minutes max. It depends on steam as well. You can always check steam status on :

-- Withdraw : The same rule is about withdrawing skins from our withdrawal page. You need to wait about 2-10 minutes for the offer. Sometimes offer come and it says "item unavailable for trade". Don't worry, in such cases coins will automatically be refunded after 10 minutes. How ever if something really went wrong, you can always contact support and describe everything in details.

- Date of deposit, what happened, etc, etc.

8) ★ Can i ask for money or post id's in chat? ★

-- No. Asking for money is not permitted and posts like this will always be muted. Mute-time depends on how much you spam. Same with Id, posting id on chat will also end with a mute.

However, if someone ask you for the id, or is doing a giveaway and need id's. In such case you can feel free to post your id in chat. The same with codes, it's not allowed to post referral codes in chat.

9) ★ What to do if i forgot my referral code, or where to collect earnings? ★

On the right site of the chat you can choose between 3 buttons:
2)Provably Fair
3)Affiliate program

You simply choose the last option and there you can see your code and see how many people have used it.

If you can't find it, click on the picture:

10) ★ Is it possible to send coins to someone? ★

-- Yes it's possible. Below chat you can see the "Send Coins" button. After clicking it, it will show your own ID. To send coins you need someones id, you can find it on steam profile. Just look at URL adress after /.

★ Example : /87547569622314568

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ★★★★★★★★★- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Error - problems - SECTION 2

1) ★ I can't log in to the website, it throws me out automatically? ★

-- In such case you need to do few steps. Starting with cleaning browser cache and cookies. That's the most important. After this step turn off your browser. Try to use CCleaner and clean your PC from junk. CCleaner have few cool things, you can clear you browser by this program aswell. It's free and safe to use, i'm using it on my own. After those steps you should be able to log in on site. If not, try to restart your router/internet, and restart pc while internet is loading.

- Sometimes there is a problem on site, it usually disappears in few minutes.

2) ★ I can't withdraw right after depositing items? - What to do? ★

-- There is one very important rule on csgoroll. We're using it to prevent our skin bank from being used as trading platform. --- : You can't withdraw something right after deposit. You must have bet 80% of the coins that you deposited.

Example, i try to deposit 100 dollars. When will i be able to withdraw?
100 * 0,8 = 80
You need to bet 80 coins to be able to withdraw something.

3) ★ What to do if i miss payouts on crash or roulette? ★

-- If you're missing any payouts, and you have recently proofs for it, you can contact our support team. They can track everything and will be able to refund your missing coins.

-- You can help our support by giving them game id and hash number.
On roulette: Click on the number and game id + hash number will appear. Copy it and paste it to the support ticket. Example :

Crash: Below crash you can find hash button. Click on it and the same will appear.
Example :

4) ★ Network error 0? ★

-- This error appears often if you have bad network connection to the site. In such cases try to restart both of your internet/router and pc. Try to turn off any useless programs that are eating more of your internet. Like skype, facebook, downloading etc.

-- You can test your network on
Please don't gamble when you have internet problems, we won't be able to refund anything in such cases because it's not sites fault. You can as well try to clean your PC from malware bytes by using malware removal program.

5) ★ I can't withdraw because of "30 seconds error" ★

-- This error appears very often because steam's connection to bots might be poor. In such cases, dont refrest the site, try to keep the item in withdraw/deposit page. Spam the deposit/withdraw button and keep trying. It usually works after 10/15 tries.

-- We wan't you to know, that we're working extremely hard on fixing this error, and it will soon be fixed. PLEASE be patient and stay tuned for updates. We're really trying to fix it, but it's not that easy.

6) ★ Bot's are holding items - currently busy. ★

-- We'll be adding much more bots very soon, so this error should disappear. You need to keep trying couple of times, if not just wait 1 hour and try again. As well stay tuned for the updates that soon will appear.

If you want some new games on csgoroll give us your opinion in this thread :

Good luck with everything.
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*Spooky* Dec 13, 2016 @ 3:27am 
where can i see my csgoroll id? anyone help?
This thread will be updated soon, you can find your steam id 64 on your steam profile.
Kriz 8 Dec 18, 2016 @ 1:02am 
@RICH Hi rich can u check my csgoroll transaction and i juz deposited a karambit ruby factory new that worth like 2000$ can csgoroll gave me juz 291.78$ which is the original karambit doppler fn price and can u guys tips me a 1000$?juz a 1000$ which is the half price of the ruby cuz i really wanna get smtg back for the ruby . if u guys dont believe me u guys can msg me for the deposit history picture n u can check my transaction history . Plz csgoroll i feel very bad for tht. i always trusted u guys . As always thanks u csgoroll !
Its not the right thread to post it here. I got sad news for you. Once you withdrawed Ruby, you won't be abe to deposit it back as the same price you bought it for, it's logical mate. It's probaby gone from withdraw now, so it's such bad luck mate. Sorry for that.
I'll close this thread, some of information are not available. Thread will be updated soon.
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