February 3, 2015
Chi_ppy Jan 11 @ 12:29pm
I got scammed $229.49 could a admin please reply
So yesterday i had a problem with withdrawing, i also previously had a problem with not receiving coins which was resolved when i got them which is appreciated, when i had the problem i sent out three e-mails and posted two discussions and tweeted once or twice which was the only time i got a reply.

so the guy helped me out (he was posing as an admin from CSGOROLL) with the coin situation so when i had the problem with withdrawing i contacted him again because i trusted him, because he was the only person to reply he transfer the items i wanted from the bot to him so he would send the personally as soon as i tipped an 'admin' the coins so i did, i never got the trade offer from him and he has now blocked me on twitter.

As i said before, i trusted him because he was the only 'admin' to reply he also showed me screenshots of the bots with the item i wanted in them and he also had screen shots on twitter of various proofs that he was an admin, if CSGOROLL did not have so many problems and Admins actually replied i would have never got scammed.

If an admin could reply i would be very greatfull for this i can take various screenshots to show you the conversations , the scammer is '@CSGORollAdmin' on twitter i also bumped into '@CSGORollcom' on twitter they are posing as CSGOROLL'S support team but i asked happy on the website itself in the chat and he told me that it is a fake twitter.

Sorry for the long post, hopefully i get a reply,

Thank you
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First off all, you could have done a little research and realized that we have only one twitter account - - You can see it on our bios at @CSGORoll.

Second, this withdraw message is not a problem .. they are the rules of the website. "To withdraw after you’ve deposited you must have bet 80% of the coins that you deposited, we have this rule to prevent our skin bank from being used as a trading platform.", yes sometimes it shows "wager 0.00 coins" but this is just a visual bug, you probably had not wagered enough. Also, you could just asked on chat, we have mods online to help users and support area to help you.

And third, sorry but CSGORoll do not take responsibility from scammed users, we really can't do nothing.

Next time do not trust anyone who just go talk or offer things to you, if our admins did not respond you is because they were really busy. Be careful
Chi_ppy Jan 11 @ 1:33pm 
it told me to gamble 88.70 more which i did then it came up with that, and thanks for replying
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