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2014년 11월 4일
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Welcome to

Tools for your exchange of items of CS:GO will be more easy and profitable.

Sell and buy your skins instantly!

Inventory Value:
Check the value of your inventory taking the average price of Steam Community Market. You can filter for any type of item and the value will be recalculate. Also show your inventory rank.

Item Database:
Find the owner of the item you are looking: Each item show all the info including "Wear Value" and history of owners.

See who is the richest player of CS:GO. Maybe will be you...

You can check how much value a user offer for your items. There is a option for load you csgolounge trade and show you automatic the value of each offer.

Price List:
A list with the average price of each item.
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Trade Up Contract: Future - Present - Past
Future - Trade Up Contract Simulator:

You can customize your complete contract with "float value" to see the outcome:
  • On "Settings Ingredients" select your Quality, Category and Condition.
  • Click on Start Contract and will display 10 items.
  • Click on each item to pick the weapon desire.
  • After you select your 10 weapons, will be display all the info of your outcome.
A custom URL will be generate to save it or share it.

Present - Trade Up Contract with your inventory:

Go and load inventory or log in:

Once your inventory is loaded select 10 weapons from your inventory with the same Quality and Category (Use filters for don't mix) and then on filters you will see the button "Contract".

This will display the relevant info of your weapons, the total of the weapons used and the outcome for them.

Past - Save your Trade Up Contract

Once you generate you contract from inventory, you can save the contract to share your risky trade up with your friends.

How works:
  • Click on "Save Trade Up Contract".
  • Make your Trade Up Contract In-Game CSGO.
  • Reload your inventory on to record your outcome.
  • You can use your history inventory to record your previous attempts.
  • You can only have 3 open contracts per day. Once we record your outcome that contract will be closed.
  • Don't rename, put stickers or trade your outcome. If you do any of this things we are unable to record your outcome.
  • This only saves default FV values of weapons.


Give it a try!

Happy New Year !
Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

And congratulations to the winners of Santa's Workshop (Your prize has already been applied):

This year we have some great ideas to implement, Look forward to them !

Thank you all for yours support.

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