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4. November 2014
ÜBER CSGO Exchange

Welcome to

Tools for your exchange of items of CS:GO will be more easy and profitable.

Sell and buy your skins instantly!

Inventory Value:
Check the value of your inventory taking the average price of Steam Community Market. You can filter for any type of item and the value will be recalculate. Also show your inventory rank.

Item Database:
Find the owner of the item you are looking: Each item show all the info including "Wear Value" and history of owners.

See who is the richest player of CS:GO. Maybe will be you...

Trade Up Simulator:
You can easily calculate the % of probability, and the exact outcome of your Trade Up Contract.

Price List:
A list with the average price of each item.
Improvement of the site: Search, History and Inventory.
History is back!
  • You can see the previous owners of the items on
  • On History now you can see information detailed.
Item Database allow to show items without Exterior (Float Value)
  • You have the option "Only Without Exterior" on Item Database Search[]: This will display items which are recorded but still need Retrieve Float Exterior (If you have Access Pass[], you will have the option to do it from there).
  • Added option "Condition" for select which items show without exterior (float value).
  • Now you can limit your search from Minimum ID to Maximum ID.
  • If you see items with Exterior "Vanilla" which not exist, it's because the Steam API doesn't provide the correct data: After you click on "Retrieve Float Exterior" the correct exterior will display.
Inventory new colors
  • Selected Items
  • Untrabable Items
  • Pending Float Exterior
  • This options are available to use on filters.
About automate "Retrieve Float Exterior":

We already contact Valve and give them some ideas about how to provide to us this information without affect too much CS:GO Database. We still waiting for an answer...

Like always, any bugs, suggestions feel free to post it in the Steam Group Discussions.

Give it a try!

Steam API permanently disabled: Site changes and more...
What is the Steam API?
The Steam API is the method 3rd party sites use to retrieve from CS:GO database information about inventories, such like Weapon, Skin, Exterior (Float Value), Pattern, Stickers, etc...

Since the past Saturday 18th this API was not working and 4 days ago now return this message: "Method permanently disabled": Reason:

Ursprünglich geschrieben von "Valve Dev":
The load generated by 3rd parties was causing CS:GO backend issues that we cannot resolve is the near future

Now we are forced to use a new method which NOT return the next values: Original ID, Exterior (Float Values), Pattern, Stickers condition (Scrape).

For retrieve this values, we need contact the CS:GO database individual for each item, this is why the site will make this changes:
  • We need to re-write some parts of the site to be able to read information proper from this new method, expect some bugs (Report them on Steam Group Discussions).
  • New items can't be tracked (History) since we don't know the Original ID (None method provide it).
  • Users need click on "Retrieve Float Exterior" for each item manually for get the Exterior (Float Value).
  • After user retrieve the exterior (Float Value), that item will be available to search on Item Database.
  • On Item Showcase: You will see the button "Update Stickers Condition" if that item don't have info about Stickers Condition. Use it if you need check the current state of them and also before trading use "Item Float".
We already contact Valve and give them some ideas about how to provide to us this information without affect too much CS:GO Database. We hope they come soon with new API.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you but this issue was out our hands.

Like always, any suggestions feel free to post it in the Steam Group Discussions.

Give it a try!

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