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Welcome on CSGOBlaze Steam Group!

● [NEW] Bet and get 0.01$ per deposit.

● About CSGOBlaze
➣ CSGOblaze founded on 5th of July 2015.
➣ The site is owned by DNA^ .
➣ We have done over 11.500 Game Rounds so far.
➣ We are a JackPot Site & Giveaway group.

✚ About CSGOBlaze Owner
➣ His name is George
➣ He is from Greece & More Specific from Nafpaktos.
➣ Studied : MCA , Computer Science , Networking Technology at Cisco
➣ Friendly & Generous. He does knife giveaways every 15-20 days.

⌨ Type Of Raffles We Do
➣ Low Raffles [Duration : 60 Minutes] : x100 - x500 Low end skins.
➣ Mid Raffles [Duration : 7 Days] : Skins over 10$.
➣ High Raffles [Duration : 15 Days] : Knifes over 30$

☮ Why should you use this site?
➣ First of all. Anyone have a chance to win.
➣ We always keep our fee low. From 0% to 4%
➣ Support is happening from Steam. That means you will contact with owner instant.

☹ My Items stuck?
➣ Screenshot your win/trade.
➣ Copy Your Trade URL (HERE) and your screenshot.
➣ Go to DNA's Profile (HERE) and COMMENT your links Screenshot and Trade URL. DO NOT ADD HIM.

Warning Click Refund Button to get refund. This group have nothing to do with refunds. Any comments/posts will be ignored.
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[Update] Earn Coins Is Live!
[Update] CoinFlip Is Live!
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