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STEAM グループ CSGO-Poker
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Texas hold'em poker, Rock Paper Scissors, Giveaways and much more!

CSGOPoker Staff -DO NOT EVER- do person-to-person trades unless it's a knife trade or a special case. If someone pretending to be a staff member asks you to trade them for coins (or "hosting giveaways"), you can be guaranteed it's a scam. We do not EVER ask you to trade with us, you must use our bots for this purpose. If we ever have to trade with you, you will be notified before it happens. WATCH OUT FOR IMPOSTERS!!!

Here is the profile URL of the person who keeps pretending to be staff. DO NOT trade with him! Make sure to compare profiles and check if the people contacting you are actually moderators in this Steam Group. Another person who does this linked here.

Things that you can find on our website:
- Texas hold'em poker;
- Rock Paper Scissors battles;
- Coin Jackpot - coming soon;
- Other stuff, including community suggestions, to be introduced!

Why are you not giving me my coins back or helping me with a failed bot trade?
You most likely posted a help comment on somewhere useless like YouTube, Steam PM or even E-Mail. Don't do that. Post on the forums and you'll be put on a support queue and eventually get your problems sorted. You WILL NOT, I say again, -WILL NOT- get help any other way.

Why is it taking so long for me to get an answer?
We try to solve every problem. The thing is that we are humans too, so we need to sleep, we have jobs and can't dedicate ourselves to this website 24/7. We are also based in the EU timezone, so we cannot usually help during very late/very early hours.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments and the like, just create a new discussion in the forums and we will answer all of them.
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RomaNMeisteR 2月23日 2時47分 
Ok it works now, ty.
CSGOPOKER.COM Ninizero 2月23日 1時06分 
RomaNMeisteR 2月23日 1時05分 
Deposit does not work
BOUN7Y'2h 2月22日 12時25分 
HCfb0qH not withdraw
File not found 2月19日 14時26分 
Free 500 coins. Promo code csgopoker300
Gud®¡jaNNN 2月18日 5時18分 
I want to apply or a chat/support moderator on your site.
My name is Jovan and im 16,come from Serbia.
I am very communicative and want to work as an moderator on csgo gambling sites,as i spend about 16/7 hours online (In UTC +1 time zone)
I speak 3 languages clearly,and about 5 more not so good (Serbian-main language,Russian,English,German)
Im really looking forward for further cooperation.

Greetings, Jovan.
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