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Brutus.SG Modded Servers

[About Us]
Brutus.SG was started back in 2010 as a Killing Floor server for our group of friends. Our gaming group has built up over the years and we have gradually started playing other games. We host Singapore servers for Killing Floor, Rust and Insurgency.

Check back here for updates on our servers and upcoming events.

Link to the old group page: Link

[Server Status - Insurgency SEA]
Basic Guide | Discussion Forum | Player Stats[brutusstats.no-ip.org]
Server IPs:
  • 8 Man Hardcore Co-Op | Custom Maps #1 - brutussg.no-ip.org:27015
  • 8 Man Hardcore Co-Op | Custom Maps #2 - brutussg.no-ip.org:27016
  • 6 Man Standard Co-Op #1 - brutussg-no-ip.org:27019
  • 6 Man Standard Co-Op #2 - brutussg-no-ip.org:27020
[Server Status - Killing Floor SEA]
Basic Guide | Supporting Brutus.SG KF | Discussion Forum
Server IPs:
  • 12 Slots: Normal/Hard - brutussg.no-ip.org:7707
  • 18 Slots: Hard/Sui/HoE #1 - brutussg.no-ip.org:7709
  • 6 Slots: Obj Mode - Coming Soon
[Server Status - Rust SEA]
Reporting Players | Server & Admin Information | Discussion Forum | Reimbursement
Server IP:
  • Multiplay :: SEA |Friendly|PVP|Events|Bans| -
[Server Status - Starbound]
Server will be down until Starbound is in a more improved state.


[Voice Comms]
We have a Teamspeak server hosted by Pisang.
IP: brutus.game-host.org


[SEA Co-op Gamers]
If you are looking for some co-op partners, head over to the SEA Co-op Gamers page and start a discussion! They also regularly hold gaming sessions, events and giveaways!

Brutus.SG INS Update | Veterancy & Stats System, New Maps, changelog below
New/Updated Maps
  • Abdallah - Updated to version 0.8a
  • Game Day
  • Cargo Night
  • Abdallah Night
  • Jailbreak
Comprehensive Statistics
We have a modified version of Psychostats for Insurgency running on all the servers. View your headshots, accuracy percentage, favourite weapon and a whole lot more information on the statistics page[brutusstats.no-ip.org].

You can access your statistics from an ingame menu as well by typing !stats in the ingame chat. However the webpage provides a much more comprehensive look at your overall statistics.

Veterancy System
The veterancy system awards you ranks based on the amount of veterancy points you have.

For each rank you obtain, your rank abbreviation will be shown in chat when you type as well as when you use the commorose.
The ranks & points that you gain are synchronized across all the Brutus.SG Insurgency servers.

Hardcore Server Veterancy Points distribution:
  • 1 point per minute
  • 1 point per kill
  • 5 points per objective captured
  • 50 points per round won
Standard Server Veterancy Points distribution:
  • 1 point per minute
  • 1 point per kill
  • 3 points per objective captured
  • 20 points per round won
Available Ranks
The ranks system follows that of the US army.
  1. [E-1] | Private
  2. [E-2] | Private
  3. [E-3] | Private First Class
  4. [E-4] | Specialist
  5. [E-4] | Corporal
  6. [E-5] | Sergeant
  7. [E-6] | Staff Sergeant
  8. [E-7] | Sergeant First Class
  9. [E-8] | Master Sergeant
  10. [E-8] | First Sergeant
  11. [E-9] | Sergeant Major
  12. [E-9] | Command Sergeant Major
  13. [W-1] | Warrant Officer
  14. [W-2] | Chief Warrant Officer 2
  15. [W-3] | Chief Warrant Officer 3
  16. [W-4] | Chief Warrant Officer 4
  17. [W-5] | Master Warrant Officer
  18. [O-1] | Second Lieutenant
  19. [O-2] | First Lieutenant
  20. [O-3] | Captain
  21. [O-4] | Major
  22. [O-5] | Lieutenant Colonel
  23. [O-6] | Colonel
Server Commands
Below are a list of server commands you can use to access the new features.
  • !veterancy - Opens the veterancy menu
  • !stats - Opens the statistics menu
  • !position - Displays your position based on veterancy points
  • !rank - Displays your position based on Statistics ELO ranking
  • More commands can be viewed ingame after you enter the Veterancy or Statistics menu

Windows Update!
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MR.David 14 hours ago 
Removed all recently added weapons because they were causing loads of issues.
Latt 15 hours ago 
Stuck loading in the hard server on mountainpass.
Ponies Reloaded [-] Jul 23 @ 10:51am 
Server is back up, removed some maps but havnt checked through the whole list.
Please post maps that dont work on the hard server, thanks
Ponies Reloaded [-] Jul 23 @ 10:23am 
Server downing for a moment to remove some guns for maps to work
MR.David Jul 15 @ 2:57pm 
Server IPs have been changed, if you have them in favs you need to re-add them.
MR.David Jul 13 @ 3:52am 
Servers going down for windows update in 5 minutes. Downtime around 10 minutes
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